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I`m so excited.  Just got the first draft and yep there are some things you need to leave to the experts. LOL. I tried coming up with a drawing of what I want and I gave up because it wasnt making sense at all and would get stuck. So check out what I got from Lloyd.
So neat hey. And (no price for guessing this) I do want to make some changes. I do love it but this is a money-making project and in my area most people want a room at most two to rent so it has to be flexible. My target though is 2 families and one single or very small family.

I also got the construction estimate and that’s about 25k excluding the land ouch triple ouch. My budget is 15 for everything. But what I will do for now is get two of the apartments completed first.  This is so exciting!!!!! Totally lifted up my mood. 🙂


My younger brother Owen said something that made sense to me and guess it’s really is a good idea. I have now fully embraced it and I’m game. So heres the plan. I will buy a stand and built a house. Well his idea was buy a core house but for me a core house wont make sense I want something that will enable to have at least two self-contained apartments. So I thought why buy a core house and then demolish it. Better to get a stand piece of land and build and will build to my specifications.

These are the basics I need from the place

  • 3 self-contained apartments with
  • 3 bathrooms
  • I kitchen average size
  • 2 kitchenette
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 livingroom

The idea is 1 big place for a family know they will pay in good rent especially for

  • 2 bedrooms,
  • separate bathroom and loo,
  • full size kitchen
  • livingroom

a studio apartment

  • 1 big room for livingroom/sleeping/dinning
  • one bathroom & loo
  • kitchenette

One bedroom apartment

  • bedroom
  • livingroom
  • small kitchen
  • bathroom

This should be constructed such that

  • plumbing is on one line will minimise costs
  • connecting rooms which later on can be connected to enlarge the one bed or two bedroom the one to two or the two to three

I’m really hoping I would use at least $15k for everything and would be able to get enough income for it to cover at least the Zim food expenses. provide Alvin with a free rent accommodation that getting him off mama`s back.

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