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You  might just get it. lol! Growing up always wished to run my own house and now that I do I`m not liking it so much. Nearly 3 years after playing house a number of things are now broken and need to replaced.  The excitement of buying new things has clearly left me and I now have to improvise

Yes those are granite slabs that I use to properly close the sandwich maker.

The microwave oven and grill has been in my boot for more than four weeks now. It was a pain getting it down to the car to take it to be repaired – yes who does that (by that repair microwaves) well some people do. We had set out one Saturday morning to go get a replacement and when we got to LG they didn’t have any new models the ones they had the same model which we got nearly 3 years ago  and some other fancy ones which are out of our reach. So the sales guy convinced DH that to bring the microwave for repair and since he is not in Lagos Monday to Friday it was left up to me. I carried the thing downstairs boy my back is still complaining (and wont be doing that again anytime soon) and only to get to the shop to be told I have to take it to Apapa. Just to let you know if DH had stayed in Apapa before we started dating I wouldn’t be dating him. So five weeks on the I have no microwave or grill and the old one is still in my boot. My weight loss plans have been suffering since instead of roasting or grilling meat I have been forced to fry it and since I don’t have anything to quickly defrost meat I have to think a couple of hours before what Im goin to cook and usually so late that I dont have time to marinate it.

To make matters worse my trademil got busted as well. It was fine last Friday only for Monday to starting felling weird as i was running on it. The board which is in between the belt and helps support my weight is cracked in the middle. Called Game and they guy said replacing it through game would take about 3months or so since they have to order the part from SA but he knows someone that can do it for me and its 30k about 2oousd to replace it. Called DH and he tuned we should replace the trademil but looking at finances right now I dont see it happening and thats when im really enjoying running in the mornings. Its sore and a pain but I love it. I cant wait for 3months for a replacement part nor wait to get money to replace the trademil guess I have to call the guy to let his guy bring his own board and see how it goes.

But before I do that I plan on going on to game and getting a microwave and a health grill and to check out the trademils there just window shopping and to confirm from the game manager that it does indeed take months and they don’t have any spares.





OMG serious – “My people perish for lack of knowledge” – Hosea 4:6 and serious. One of the chores I totally hate is vacuum cleaning OMG its a killer for me. It could be a number of reasons 1 – I have to drag this huge dust filled out dated hoover to do that 2- I have to be on the same spot to do it and 3 before we got married DH always used to do it and we sort of agreed that his thing so when he doesn’t I don’t and I only do it if I really have to.

So on my tea break I was reading my daily reads – other people`s blogs and this lady is going on and on about her irobot. What is that you may ask. It an automatic vacuum cleaner. It vacuum cleans everywhere on it on. The moment i read that part I started googling and came across this great review

“Okay, so the Roomba was designed to vacuum whilst you are out at work or off doing more interesting things. It fails at this – there is no way you’ll want to be out of the house when this little beauty is doing its thang! It’s far too much fun watching little “roombie” toddle about, working its way around your furniture and belongings and then wandering off into the next room. I think I would have paid £200 for that alone… however, the bonus prize is that Roomba is also a workaholic. As I type he’s just taken himself off into the bathroom to clean in there (good luck to him!).

If you’re thinking of buying a Roomba you probably have some questions and I’m guessing they’re similar to the questions I had:

1) Does it really vacuum?
– The short answer is yes, it really does. Perhaps if you’re the sort of person who regularly throws dirt about your home then this might not be for you – but for the rest of us who just have the normal everyday kind of stuff to vacuum up then it’s perfect. The suction might not be as great as with some of the heavy duty manual vacuums but the fact that Roomba goes over the same spot a few times in its journey means that so far it has cleaned everything I have asked it to.

2) How thorough is the cleaning?
– I’d say more thorough than you are I ever achieve with a manual vacuum. I’ve watched Roomba for quite some time and it uses a combination of diving across to the other side of the room, circular motions and following the edge of the room. So far I haven’t noticed it missing anywhere. My flat is in 2 halves, joined by a long corridor. I had thought this would confuse Roomba and I’d probably have to do one half one day then move it to the other half manually. No siree – Roomba works its way back and forth without any trouble whatsoever.

3) Does it get stuck?
– Roomba really knows how to get itself out of a jam! I have a lot of furniture in my flat and Roomba has worked its way in and out of all of it. In particular to get under my dining table and chairs Roomba only really has one or two routes (because of the way I have anything positioned) – every time it’s gone under there it has found its way back out again with very little problem.

4) What about cables and other things lying about?
– Every review I read prior to buying Roomba said I would need to move these out of the way. They were all wrong. Yes, cables are a tad confusing for Roomba and sometimes it takes a few seconds to work them out, but every time it has come across one it has managed to climb over it or get itself untangled again in a few seconds, without any intervention from me.

5) Does it damage furniture or knock things over?
– Nope. I see no damage to any of my furniture and despite watching Roomba hurtle into my floor-standing plant pots several times I’ve yet to see it knock any of them over.

Honestly, Roomba is great. I shall never vacuum again!”

That`s right. This is my next purchase and wow it’s not cheap either but im loving it already. It means no more dirty house geez my house can be dirty at times well most times really actually all the time . So with this baby I will finally have a clean house well not clean house per say but at least dust free carpet.

I eat this for supper. So baby when you crave crisps or unhealthy snacks. It aint your fault you got it from me. I don’t know who to blame. I just love them. Now for the downside of my DH being away besides missing him.

I looked high and low for this. Overturned sofas the house was just stinking. I gave up till the next morning as I went to switch on my wii ouch the smell killed me, I knelt down and guess what I found

Seriously I didn’t find it funny and was so gross I had goose bumps all over the smell was so bad I can still smell it.

I actually thought I will be fine with DH being away but I can’t stand it I miss him totally and I have to do the staff he does like refuel the generator, switch on the water pump always minding power and the inventor whether its charging or not.

Guess I will survive if not can always beg his boss to employee me too. lol

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