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Posted on: October 18, 2010

Hello people. I`m back and 2.7kgs is the weight I have gained since I have been away. I wasn’t running or any form of exercising just eating and think was having wing & drumstick special from chicken inn every day i went into town. so now i look like this guy

am feeling so tired and have no energy at all. But while i was in zim I was feeling totally great. n OMG its HOT here like crazy hot. To top it all off my house is bloody dirty layers of dust and think there are dust lice feeding off me right now and my MIL – mother in law is coming in tomorrow and I have to clean the bloody house and cook as well I just don’t have the energy for both. I need to look for help seriously well definitely not for tomorrow but for the long run.


Busy bee

Posted on: May 10, 2010

I have been a busy bee and this blog has suffered a bit but will update you soonest. I do love the new client especially the times they are flexible. I get to run in the mornings thou ever since I came back from SA only ran yesterday for 10mins and today I worked out on my Wii for about 15mins or so.

I’m trying to change how I eat as being on a diet doesn’t work so I’m changing my lifestyle and what I eat to achieve and maintain my weight goal. I need to close at least 12kgs to be ok and 5 extra ones for my BMI to be in the normal range so roughly that’s about 20kgs over weight. 4 weeks ago I was obese and worked hard and lost abt 3kgs or so. So I know its achievable so I’m on my way.

I need to get rid of drink and biscuits in the house but DH suffers too because he wont have any snacks so i make him jelly and been meaning to buy malt issh its tastes like crap so definitely wont drink it. In Zambia I was so disciplined would take only a glass 3 times a day but now i just drink anyhow. I’m thing I’m happy about is my love for water im constantly drinking a glass of water every morning and evening during the day i have to remind myself to take it in. So as im approaching the big 3-0 im working towards a new matured disciplined me.

On the masters I have postponed it to definitely next year. Have realised that I would be rushing it and DH is not keen on having a baby reason being me. Baby your daddy thinks I wont be a great mother because I`m not patient with him so he thinks I wont be patient with you. His reasoning is not justifiable but I wont push it because I’m not ready for you just yet when I am I will get you. I want us to have a fabulous relationship and will do anything to get that so daddy is just talking anyhow. And as you get to know him you will realise he says things to get at people especially me since I’m not phased by much lol.

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