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2nd anniversary - Abuja


This day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with.

An answered prayer he is to me;
My greatest blessing you’ll always be.
And so this day we pledged our love
in front of family, friends and God above.

May times I forget why I got married and today I`m overly grateful to my friend KMA who just reminded to be thankful and she says there are many unhappy people in this world and looking at it I am happy. So DH Happy anniversary my love. This week didnt start so great but I`m hoping will end up great. In the midst of trying to live the life we want we tend to forgot some of the most fundamental reasons why we choose to marry to each other to be honest with you these words couldn’t be more than true. You are Indeed my best friend, my answered prayer and my greatest blessing. I love you.

Thought would share our wedding invites with you. I did love them.

card front - its way prettier



ceremony wedding



reception insert


rsvp insert




map to venue

check out our wedding website here.

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