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And what a long list it is for just Friday to Sunday I’m in trouble and DH has promised to help yipi.

  1. Download Rihanna albums, & burn to CD ( have been meaning to get new songs and when I switched on the tv today she was the guest star
  2. look for iPod – have no idea where it is could really save me from doing the second part of 1 especially since I have to look for the CDs somewhere in this house
  3. clean the dressing room/ running room. Full of draws, plates etc
  4. get the old cabinet to the new position onto of the wardrobe (needs to be painted will do that someday)
  5. Tidy up and sort out shoe room. guess mainly my shoes
  6. go see dreamfurnitures in Ikeja ( favourite chore – window shopping hopefully buy the sofa for the bedroom)
  7. Get stools hi hi hi
  8. remove paint from kitchen floor
  9. Clean kitchen cabinets and organise kitchen
  10. do continental pillow cases – see I didn’t want to do this in the first place but the pillow cases are way too big for the pillows meaning the pillows are not continental by SA standards since the pillow cases are from SA.
  11. Hotel bookings and print all requirements
  12. Clean living room and bedroom
  13. finalize cairo budget
  14. Do Zim project designs
  15. Rest
  16. Do DH 🙂 have to pencil it in
  17. Clean mirror
  18. Install kitchen accessories
  19. Do time sheet and invoice
  20. Fix TV cable – actually get Tayo (dstv guy) to do it
  21. do laundry

Had to stop here a day only has 24hours even if I did buy some red bull to give me wings.

ps have you checked out that I have started to use tags


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