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Seriously I know that in Life there are things you have to live with and here in Lagos its no light (as they say it but they mean no electricity from the power company), no proper sewage system or drainage systems ohh they do have but are open so therefore you see everything and people use them as dumping pipes so definitely are blocked, and OKADAs. These guys are a nightmare really but i have learnt to live with them. I treat them like they are lil kids who don’t know any road rules and really whatever happens between them and me its me who is at fault and they really stand by one another. They are like bees buzzing (hooting and shouting). It’s definately one war I can never win so I always watch them carefully and avoid them like the plague.

Yesterday was a good day till about 3minutes away from home. Meet a bit of traffic and was waiting for our turn to move. These cheats/thieves masquerading as police men tried to stop an okado so as to get 20naira at most from him. The guy swayed and fell onto my car, got up and ran away. There is a huge dent on my car right now. I was so pissed I cried because there is nothing i can do. I really wish I was in USA and I would sue the police department. It is their fault if they where doing the correct thing these guys wouldn’t try to run away from them but because a holiday is approaching they act like vultures and I had to suffer for it. I took fotos but it’s just too depressing. DH tried cleaning away the okada marks but still………….


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