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Today is Day One of new venture Being a Housewife. Yes a Housewife lol. Never in a million years had I thought I would be one but guess ever making the decision to marry DH and move here it was sort inevitable. I do thank God that I was able to work for so long and after quitting the last job after having landed this one I knew by August would be sitting at home. I`m not fretting yet but I do have some fears whether I will get another one soon but I`m keeping the faith up:-)

So this week I`m working Monday, Wednesday and Friday and next week Tuesday and Thursday. The guy offered me 10days pay for 15days so nop agreed to work for only ten days. I have done enough probono work on this project. I’m tired and happy to get this chance to stay in doors.

Today didn’t start off so well had planned to go get a desk but decided to chill today. I need to come up with a schedule or time table for running and eating or at least go back to my Zambian diet and lifestyle. I didn`t run today and I have already eaten in order banana, munya  – old sadza from sunday + guru + bread, 2 bananas, grapes, popcorn, banana, grapes, chocolate, fries, popcorn and I`m still to eat super so this whole housewife business gonna make me grow fat. Seriously!!!

Because I will be at home now I need a desk asap and also because I have been waking up seeing DH on the floor working so cant really wait to fix the junk room into a home office. So making a home office area in the bedroom. It will have to go here

Might swap the TV and the desk to see which works best. Here`s the mood board

Here`s the breakdown

1. wall art – fell in love with it. Was actually thinking pf using it to replace the wall art over the bed. I don’t like the one over the bed coz I wouldn’t get it aligned its so not straight. I tried fixing it but ended up just putting more holes into the wall so decided to give up on it. I really like it willing to wait for ten weeks for it to be delivered.

2.  lamp –  wow I love 2b but the price so 2a is more practically priced.

3. flowers – some neat flowers to bring prettiness to the room and desk:-)

4.  chair – very pretty but also expensive. So I`m hoping that I sell IDES in order to fund this chair. So till I get a customer for IDES this chair is just a dream.

5. the desk is pretty ordinary and its dark brown just like the furniture in the bedroom, just couldnt find an online picture of one and was kinder lazy to keep on looking.

6. storage baskets to hide all the mess/clutter away.

So this week I`m just getting the desk the rest will follow eventually but am inching to get the baskets now.


Hello my darlings. Sorry I hadn`t written in a while. Was I busy? Not really. You might have realised that I get bored easily and this is one constant thing I promised myself to keep on doing. So don`t you fret. More will come at least twice a week. Excuse number one for  not writing sooner.  I have about three weeks to go to Cairo and I needed to look for and order clothes to wear. It’s a muslim country and best not to show too much booty and my clothes were tight before now they are really tight. I managed to get nearly what I want from La Redoute . Should get them in about two weeks time. I hope.

Now to the idea board. Remember Victim Number 1 well she sent me more photos of the finished room and it really does look the same as before. So decided to do a custom mood board for her.

Neat hey . I`m so pleased.

Item 1. is inspiration for the display unit.

Item 2 3 & 4 are for the plain wall.

Item 5 to 8 are inspired from 1 and to be used on the display unit

Item 9 and 10 for the hallway table. 10 is high-end staff. 9 is reasonably priced.

item 11 is the wall feature three clocks with three different time zones.

item 12 to 15 scatter cushion covers.

Tomorrow will post my cairo clothing mood board.


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