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There are a number of things I have wanted to change or throw away ever since I moved into this house and some ever since I set my foot inside DH apartment. Today I did just that for only two items and 1000000 more to follow. Since I told you about my new role decided to change that to Homemaker. Somes way better than housewife lol.

So here 1 before – master bath bin

I never thought I would fall in love with a bin. Especially this one. LOL. Its funny that we went for years (we as in my sisters and I) without a bin in out bathroom or bedroom. I remember throwing used pads just before I put them in the outside bin behind the door in our bathroom and I can remember clearly Alvin shouting for me to throw away my shit which I would have forgotten by the bathroom window.

Second up are the buckets. These are the worst didn’t know buckets could get that dirty. I tried cleaning them even socking them for days on end but nothing so I sort of gave up and been postponing replacing them since and guess today was D-day.

See how dirty the budget was. I always thought who mama would not be caught dead using that budget and how my room mate in Zambia always used to scrub hers like daily and she sort of inspired me to watch mine daily. But thinking back in high school I don’t remember cleaning my bucket, but I remember always used to wipe it down and store it under my bed. Yes I also got punished for leaving my bucket in the bathroom several times. Guess somethings don`t change.


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