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Sorry I have been MIA well not really but since I started this blog I had promised to write at least twice weekly just to keep things up to date. So Tuesday morning I don’t know where from but it just hit me that I should do my masters etc and I had always wanted to do my masters away from home take a year out and spend it in a different city. So my preferred choice is UK. Ok so not really a city but country but focus here on the different part. Could be anywhere in the UK.

I always felt that my siblings & younger cousins were more worldly ( as in exposed more) because they went to uni away from home and that’s why I always wanted to be away from home when I do my masters and all of my plans I always thought I would still be single by now. I never planned on getting married so early and if at all but guess what. I made God laugh by making my own plans which I had no control of.

Seriously if there is one thing I never planned for was marriage and my wedding day. My cousins already knew what she wanted for her wedding way before she met the guy. Guess she wanted it and always known that she will get married. Well better for her because she is/would have been prepared for it. For me it was just hard. Especially getting to this point where we are right now. People say the first year is the honeymoon year well not for me for me it was horror year. The fears of failing kept me trying and trying really hard and guess it’s paying off right now because I now more than confident that I made the best decision of my life and as each day passes I realise I am truly blessed.

Taku asked am I running away from DH and the answer to that is NO. If I had planned this last year the answer would have been hell yes. Yet today I totally want to do it to get out of the way so that I can totally be prepared for baby. Yes you read right baby. I turning the big 3-oooh sometime soon (lol) and would want a baby soon after that and I vowed to be better prepared for all the baby drama that will go on after that.

So right now the project I’m working on is looking for the best master’s course and college within my budget. I plan to start this year and I really hope I can work till it’s time for me to go the UK for the program.

What is scaring me is I will use up all my savings and will have nothing left. I really don’t want to go back to those years 2005/2006 when I never had money for anything I wanted. I know I will get past that stage but knowing I have 20grand usd in my bank account for anything I want is really comforting. Yep I have a DH but really I come on every girl needs a nest egg for spare of the moment shopping spree without restrictions lol


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