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Seriously 2010 is over and 2011 is here. Happy new year guys. I`m sorry I haven’t been writing often in fact at all yet I have so much to share. I need to learn how to use my Blackberry word press apps this will definitely increase how often I post.

So what have I been since my last post? Well went to SA totally enjoyed my time there I just love the place. Will do a post about it later on in the day or week. Came back to a rotten smelling house. OMG I just pray never to see what I saw and smelt till this day the fridge still has the smell. Apparently I didn`t change over back to generator so for two weeks straight there was no power/electricity getting into the house. It was the best science project ever. I can joke about it now but trust me the smell, the maggots, the files, the worms, the dead shells just thinking about it now my skin crawls.  Yes I have forgotten to switch off the generator twice but never to change over. When my neighbor told me that there was a nasty smell coming from my house I hoped it was the fridge didn’t want it to be something burning. I cracked my head trying to remember and I did remember. I shout down everything. Unplugged every plug except for the fridge. So I was wondering what could be causing that smell. So i figured there wasn’t nepa our version of zesa but was it so bad that the staff in the fridge could get rotten and stink a mile guess so. I cracked my head while I was trying to clean out the fridge (seriously if it was smaller and easier to carry would have tossed it out really) why I didn’t change over. The generator tripped while I was shutting down getting ready to leave so guess I just continued to shut down (was also late the taxi had been waiting for about 15minutes or so). My main concern was please remember to reset the generator and make sure the house is secure. Guess should have added and t change over. Changing over is second nature especially before leaving the house. You hear the generator and know you are on it therefore change over before you step out of the house. just praying the smell will eventually go away for good. Would have loved to rip out the carpet but DH said no. One day will post a picture about how the carpet looks dirty torn and stinks.

Went off to Benin to see mimi. DH hadn’t seen here since she was born and her baby dedication also took place. Wow people are so different. My sisters came Kiki and Cynthia. Have been having the greatest time in Nigeria ever since I first came to this place and this was the best Christmas ever. Figured should have been asking to come down a whole lot more often. Even when DH was doing his best to annoy me I just looked aside and carried on. I did get pissed and just said to myself why ruin the time for me and my sisters over something I can easily do and get someone to help me do which I did.

We went to Benin for new years and was really boring OMG worst ever new year`s expect for the part we stayed up talking with my sisters yey.

So now its 2.45 am I got up about an hour ago. Thought it was around 6am already totally refreshed didn’t sleep early though but I just have a lot on my mind. I have to set out my resolutions and will try to achieve them.

First off is definitely my weight. I need to get to 65kgs by my birthday ( yep turning 30 this year wow cant believe 3 decades have gone by already) I so gained weight while I was in SA was eating like food was going out of fashion lol. Not sure of my weight right now so about 15kgs (hoping less:-) ) to loss.

Then exercise – try to do this without skipping days or going on breaks which is what I did when I went to SA. so havent exercised for about 6weeks will restart today. I know I can run daily so need to make that a resolution.

Next is my eating habits. I need to change my relationship with food. This will be difficult but I`m sure I can do it. Need to continue changing how I eat, what I eat and cook food. have decided for the month of January no more crisps yes no lays no simba no walker no pringles. I did it with drinks and can surely do it with crisps. had thought of adding popcorn but what of when I go watch movies definitely cant do without them but not saying it can not be done but maybe after my sisters have left to avoid temptation.

next is my spiritual relationship with God. I definitely need to work on it. Had made a pledge when I was in Zim that I would go to church every Sunday and have been failing miserably on that. But 2011 will definitely be rocking to church more often.

next up is Saving. I need to start seriously saving major. No more holidays (no matter how much i love them) no more shopping trips. I always thought that by 30 i will be staying in my own house but up to now have nothing to show for the years I have worked. Will definately be doing zim more often but on a tight budget.

next up is a retirement plan. need to start contributing to one. can you imagine dont have one at all lol.

next up is inheritance package for my kids. Am really hoping to get to buy a small flat or house that will use as rental property either in SA or Zim and the proceeds will go to a unit trust that will come into when they are about 28 or so.

next up is more like the serenity prayer –

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

Can you believe people are still partying up to now. Not even one house but a couple of houses music blasting from different directions and the Heat. It’s so unbelievably hot. Moving is really not a bad idea Will move to someplace like lekki where I have switch on the generator at will and wont be hearing people blasting music at such ungodly hours.

Happy 2011


I started this Blog to let you all in on my drama-full life and musing as they go by ah-dey ahh-dheyi but have come to realise I totally suck at it.  & thanks to Magnyash she reminded me that I need to get back to writting more, keeping everyone updates with my thoughts, dreams and musings.

So definitely suck at it as she rightly put it – I even got a new laptop so that I keep up with my blogging especially since DH is away but I have been so busy at work when I get home i just want to chill even if I have a million and one projects I need to do within the next couple of months.

I have a few pictures I thought I would share with you today but my camera has no battery, was using the internal memory and cant find the charger and let alone the cable. Need to become organized.

Will post tomorrow. Cant promise thou DH is coming in tomorrow and need to make up for last weekend. Was pissed at him and I couldn’t shake off the anger. Seriously letting go of something is not easy even if they apologize a 1000 times.

nyt nyt my darlings


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