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A couple of days ago I broke one of my DH rules don`t buy anything in traffic. But after this headline being literally chaffed onto my face.

So I reached into my handbag and fished out a 500naira note , opened my window received the change and the newspaper and gave the guy his money. Just this one-act turned my interest away from the baby making dreams and baby shower plans to dreaming about the house. My homemaker days have officially started so one of the things I will be doing is researching on mortgage because we definitely need one, dream up the house interiors and go look at potential houses 🙂 to keep inspired and

For a first time home buyer I definitely have a huge list it helps though as in I wont be drawn to a house cause it looks nice or its closer to the Island. So this is what I think we need. DH had said something like a duplex or something 3 bedroom etc.

  • master bedroom
    • with walk-in closet 🙂
    • with huge bathroom for a walk in shower and spa bath
  • girls` bedroom
  • boys` bedroom
  • guest bedroom
  • helper`s room – not in the house thou but not necessarily a separate quarter
  • open plan kitchen
    • big enough like our zim kitchen with huge windows
    • nice breakfast nook and a breakfast bar – ok I need to come down to earth here can’t afford a mansion but there is also hidden potential lol
  • living room
  • office
  • play room
  • media room
  • dinning room
  • gym

This is funny hey because a house like this would cost close to 100mil naira but hey you would never know. But I know what I want. and My God will provide.


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