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I really wish I could have won this battle but Its Rats 1 and me zero. We get rid of them but they always come back and now they are in fire. This past week I have thrown away a loaf of bread (usually leave it out the day I buy it so that I have fresh (untoasted) and freeze the remaining the next day but alas the rats had a filled day was so pissed.

Monday morning as I was about the leave the house I get into the kitchen and guess what my croissant was eaten half way through by the rats. This was my mistake forgot to put them in the fridge would have microwaved it at the office. Later in the evening I got home very excited to make tortillas and alas couldn’t have them because the rat ate though three plastic bags. The pissing thing they were in the so called pantry. I always leave the doors closed though there is a small gap – thanks to my cheape cheape cabinet guy but didn’t know it was big enough for a rat to get in.  That’s when I knew I have to do something about protecting staff in the pantry against the rats.

Answer was to get containers. Since I`m currently working in the market decided to walk to the lady where I once got containers for my DIY and craft staff. The walk was inside the market but not market market but it was during peak time. It’s always crowded in the market but its worse around 5. It hit me that if DH didn’t have a car and I had to use public transport when I started dating him I wouldn’t have married him let alone date him. Yep it’s that bad. And just my luck she didn’t have enough. I wanted 3 huge ones and 3 small ones. So got three and yesterday went back to get the remaining ones. Spent 3k ($20) on them.

Thursday evening while I was making this

Chicken breasts + sweet and sour + salt and paper + 7minutes in microwave on medium = nice low calorie supper. Opps no vegatables tonight. Didn’t fill like them. Yesterday it was broccoli and sausage.

Did this.

not very neatly organised but gets the job done.



the chicken fajitas is for this weekend. Hopes its survives didnt want to forget about it coz its about to expire



Definately no martha stewart


Here`s another casualty. Thank God it was just the box. Funny they didn’t go for the Special K guess they ant watching their weight.



I got this a couple of weeks ago. Had always wanted one and when it was special offer I picked it up.

Thought it would be something nice and romatic to do with DH. So decided to make this

and turned out to be like this

First plate didn’t look so neat it was dry so the chocolate was running but second plate looks divine man. I totally loved it. And enjoyed them. DH did take some or was it one not sure he clearly didn’t like them wierd who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries later on chocolate strawberries. yep its one of those things I love and to him they are just passing by.

They totally made my Sunday taking another one on my way to bed.

nyt nyt


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