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I eat this for supper. So baby when you crave crisps or unhealthy snacks. It aint your fault you got it from me. I don’t know who to blame. I just love them. Now for the downside of my DH being away besides missing him.

I looked high and low for this. Overturned sofas the house was just stinking. I gave up till the next morning as I went to switch on my wii ouch the smell killed me, I knelt down and guess what I found

Seriously I didn’t find it funny and was so gross I had goose bumps all over the smell was so bad I can still smell it.

I actually thought I will be fine with DH being away but I can’t stand it I miss him totally and I have to do the staff he does like refuel the generator, switch on the water pump always minding power and the inventor whether its charging or not.

Guess I will survive if not can always beg his boss to employee me too. lol


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