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Have wanted to do a photo collage for a while. Not sure if I posted about it before. Well I bought all the frames, created the paper templates and put them but never did dress the frames nor put them up. One didn’t really have any pictures to put in it and was taking me forever to come up with print out, art etc. Then I saw this



Wow. So easy and so neat. Read full details here

Speaking of the collages. Since my last visit to Zim have seen that our house is quite blank. Not really much of décor. Was thinking of changing curtains and doing a photo collage as well. Most of the pictures are not in frames and are of different sizes. So will get a photo album of those and take more photos yeah our very first family portrait and individual portraits and put in them. Would pick up the frames from game SA but on my last visit to SA realized that the supermarkets carry more staff and have a huge variety and depending on what you are looking for could be cheaper there.


Came across this

made from this

Am so tempted to try it out. can i?

As I was trying to come up with ideas for C.V.T new apartment/flat I deliberately didn’t touch on shoe storage. This is the reason why.

Current state of our childhood bedroom

stand to see more shoes

more shoes

and then some

cluttered dressing table

Mind you these are not the only shoes. These are the one which are in the open. Within the inbuilt wardrope there are more shoes I was lazy to move the boxes closing up the doors so that I can take pictures of them. Question is will she move with all her shoes. She seriously needs to go to Shoe Rehab.

As of the dressing table I don’t blame her. My own dressing table was like that but I started a system in which I don’t buy anything that I already have (ok not so true but I`m trying) and I will use up something until its finished. Most of these bottles are nearly empty but with the way we grew up you don’t throw anything away so advice 101 finish up each bottle before you open another one and once finished then throw it away.

The jury is still out on how we can tackle her shoes. But here are some inspiration pictures.

mariah carey closet

totally neat hey surely one day.

now something within her reach – lol

great - since she is renting she can always fold them boxes up and leave

and easier option and could use one wall and close it up with a curtain to hide the shoes.


Now something I want for myself. Especially since there is so much dust in Lagos.

I totally want

stayed tuned for more.

If only I had seen you before but definitely next time

I spotted these yesterdays.

Not the colours but the mirrors though I'm not quite happy with these. But you get the drift??

something is quite not right about this room besides the mirrors which i sort of think they are too small

and it got me thinking. Why do I love them was it because of Dubai I`m not sure but all I know it was love at first sight.

You should have seen this room at night pure heaven.

These really does it for me Gotta love the mirrors. Hope someday soon will finish up this bedroom. I read somewhere that decor is a continuous process but I just want to get to the end of the tunnel because isn’t that the light right there. I can see it ooooohhhhhh.


Seriously the lamp and mirrors are calling me. While I was doing my nightly blog reads I saw this.

mood board / idea board


This is what the pros at Young one love say and  I qoute “We’d love to see one of these mirror (see mood board number 9) hung on either side of the bed right above each bedside table to reflect light from the lamps and add a lot more sparkle and dimension to that entire wall. It’s an old Candice Olson trick that we love, and it creates the look of pricy mirrored sconces with table lamps and regular old mirrors instead of having to hardwire anything. Gotta love a shortcut that looks like a million bucks.”

Issh I`m so inspired. That seat better get here and fast.

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