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This weekend I was such a busy bee. I knew what I wanted to do and buy so I BB (blackberry message) DH on Friday morning telling him he needs to take me to the curtain guy in Yaba, Carpet place and Dreams furnishing – to place an order for my custom-made bedroom seat.

Saturday got up made breakfast and off we went. My plan was just to get the lace curtains and get the guys outside my house to sew them but DH decided that my curtain guy should do it so spend nearly a good hour plus there. Whilst he was doing that we wondered to the next shop and got a mirror for the bathroom. My furniture guy had charged me 4k for it and I got this one for 1.6. I also decided that I will use frameless mirrors for the bedroom, remember my inspiration. Will just ask them for greater detail on the mirrors they are 3k for it instead of the framed ones for 13k each that’s saving about 20k (133usd). Have also decided to get them after I get the seat since I might need to reposition the bed so don’t want to be drilling holes everywhere.

The curtain guy made only the bedroom ones and I decided to do the kitchen one. So when I got home I measured, cut and got down to business. OMG it’s so frustrating thou really relaxing especially yesterday to do the running stitch to hold it in place and then the back-stitch to secure it and hemming but didn’t get much done. So after lunch on Sunday I decided to finish it and here is how it looks.

And close up

The next pictures trying to show you the neat hemming I did bit the lace is too light but if you really look hard u can see it.

Yep that’s my pretty hand :-). There is nothing as satisfying and seeing something come to life. Just wish DH shared a bit of my enthusiasm. While I was doing this couldn’t help but remember the FF classes. We used to have one pretty teacher forgot her name and she used to like me and then came Mrs Masikati. I`m sure I wasnt her favorite and I have been trying to remember her favorite saying but can clearly see her frowning face. Those were the days. Just to let you know I had an A in Fashion and Fabrics:-)


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