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There are things in this world and that a person should never take for guaranted and a bathtub is one of them. As I`m writting this I`m telling myself not to go there. I have seen them and I can do it my problem is will they fit into our tiny bathroom. It is tiny. I have measured before but left that project midway because I didn’t want to be disappointed. My friend just sent some photos of her apartment and I had bathtub envy.

I don’t want anything fancy but just something i can lie down in and enjoy. Is wishing for something like this really that out of this world

Simple and to the point. & yes how I wish. Can I get from this (below) to that (on top).

lost two other pics showing the makeshift medicine cabinet(i use it for pads & tampons ) and the big towel rail

Can I really? Yes I can lol


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