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Blogger me…? Yes But Why

Why i decided to start blogging

I had realized the need to have a long conversation with someone even if the person in not even chip in their two cents worth. i thought about a blog. am i blogger? I decided yesterday to try it out and realized I love it. I can start and stop when i like. write down all these weird or Taku call them Blonde ideas/moments. Taku is my best friend she will be referenced a whole lot in this blog.

about me well I meet a guy and moved away from everything I know and love to be with him. can’t say its been great but it’s certainly is a challenge and if you know challenges are my thing lol.

I dedicate this blog to my baby (not yet born – in Shona zvichauya whats to come), my baby girl/boy. I don’t know you yet but I know I will love you( I knew I loved you before I meet you – google that song. Nah no need by the time you get to read this you would love this song as much as I do) and be the best mum I can be, in Jesus name. This blog is to help you navigate life and know that you are not alone out there so that when you do crazy things know mummy did them too.

Taku so that we can always keep up to date till we meet again. I love you bebs.

To the rest well you are just benefiting being entertained for free lol no offense but you guys will just fill up this intro and this be a great way for you guys to keep up to date with me. Love you.


PS check out my bookmarks here for all those things I love, like, hate etc


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To Do – Big & Small

1. Chic up my blog 2.

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