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Be carefully what you wish for

Posted on: February 25, 2011

You  might just get it. lol! Growing up always wished to run my own house and now that I do I`m not liking it so much. Nearly 3 years after playing house a number of things are now broken and need to replaced.  The excitement of buying new things has clearly left me and I now have to improvise

Yes those are granite slabs that I use to properly close the sandwich maker.

The microwave oven and grill has been in my boot for more than four weeks now. It was a pain getting it down to the car to take it to be repaired – yes who does that (by that repair microwaves) well some people do. We had set out one Saturday morning to go get a replacement and when we got to LG they didn’t have any new models the ones they had the same model which we got nearly 3 years ago  and some other fancy ones which are out of our reach. So the sales guy convinced DH that to bring the microwave for repair and since he is not in Lagos Monday to Friday it was left up to me. I carried the thing downstairs boy my back is still complaining (and wont be doing that again anytime soon) and only to get to the shop to be told I have to take it to Apapa. Just to let you know if DH had stayed in Apapa before we started dating I wouldn’t be dating him. So five weeks on the I have no microwave or grill and the old one is still in my boot. My weight loss plans have been suffering since instead of roasting or grilling meat I have been forced to fry it and since I don’t have anything to quickly defrost meat I have to think a couple of hours before what Im goin to cook and usually so late that I dont have time to marinate it.

To make matters worse my trademil got busted as well. It was fine last Friday only for Monday to starting felling weird as i was running on it. The board which is in between the belt and helps support my weight is cracked in the middle. Called Game and they guy said replacing it through game would take about 3months or so since they have to order the part from SA but he knows someone that can do it for me and its 30k about 2oousd to replace it. Called DH and he tuned we should replace the trademil but looking at finances right now I dont see it happening and thats when im really enjoying running in the mornings. Its sore and a pain but I love it. I cant wait for 3months for a replacement part nor wait to get money to replace the trademil guess I have to call the guy to let his guy bring his own board and see how it goes.

But before I do that I plan on going on to game and getting a microwave and a health grill and to check out the trademils there just window shopping and to confirm from the game manager that it does indeed take months and they don’t have any spares.





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