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master closet part 1

Posted on: November 17, 2010

From the first time I stepped into the master loo I have always hated it. The closet area was full of dust and cobwebs. Finally I`m now working towards replacing the wardrobe. the old rotten wood was taken out last weekend and tiles are being laid in the bathroom and closet area. The carpet was so dirty and torn decided to remove it as well. So this is how this room was like since Sunday night since the silly tiler came late and didn’t finish on time and I was stuck in traffic for the past two days.

So after work today after watching tv for a while I went to the loo and was pissed at the site. Took the picture and decided today is just a good day to paint. Went and got left over paint from the guest room. An hour later…………

The Blue is really dark and deep and only looks nice here.  That is the same blue in the guest room. (I owe u a post on that) Nearly ran out of the paint and had to lick (with a brush) from the tin for the last bit of it. I’m hoping I managed to at least burn about 100 calories doing the painting. The blue is nice well not so nice so I`m trying this (see picture below).  I came across this nursery

I love everything about this nursery its one of my top ten. But the wall is what I`m interested in right now. So before I head to the guest room to try it out am thinking should try it out in the closet area and if its bad the closet shelves and clothes will cover it up. Till tomorrow.












Today got home early and decided to paint the closet.


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