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C.v.t part 1

Posted on: October 28, 2010

So C.V.T intents on moving out and I`m totally for it though my mum & dad seem to be against it because they think a girl should stay at home till awanikwa (gets married) lol. But in this case they shouldn’t use sentiment they should use reason. She is 27 and drives a good hour every night from work to home after 10 most days and the rest after 11pm. So only makes sense if she lives closer to her workplace.

We totally love She still does I have moved on MRPRICE and so have decided to do a mood board/idea board for her new place. I had to remind myself she aint me and this is just her first place and had to put a curb on the budget lol.

First thing first get a check list. Found one here.

cvt bedroom

Here the breakdown for the bedroom.

  1. Curtains –  R15o
    1. Ready made from Streetsheet. About 150 rands per panel. Love this idea from hotels. Get a nice Lace/Voile curtain with no linen and buy block out curtains. During the day only open the block out and the Lace is always closed. Way to go since lace/voile is cheap and u can easily change them.
  2. Headboard – R1300
    1. From MRPRICE HOME. Thou really she can make this. Tutorial of some of my favorites  here and and here that would save her a bit of cash. Especially something like this since she loves reading in bed. Nice and comfy. She can also buy four flat pillows like these one and tie them up on a rail and she has a nice headboard like in the picture.
  3. Side tables – R500 from mrprice home. Though she can get ones without draws for less.
  4. Duvets – R150 – Pink or just plain white to soften up the dark furniture. Though she can buy the furniture in white since she aint lazy like me and have to clean the white frequently.
  5. Mirror – R100 from game. Should buy an extra huge one for a full length mirror.
  6. Chest of draws – R1000 – bit steep yes but combined with 5& 6 makes a nice dressing table. Key here is storage since we hardly every sit down on actual dressing table to put on make up.
  7. Blanket storage/storage bench – R1800. Lifetime investment. Nice to have though she doesn’t have to buy it unless she can afford it. Can be used to store extra blankets, winter clothes etc and can be dragged to the living room for additional sitting if required.
  8. A DIY project for her jewelery and she could actually have as 3times as much as in the picture. Tutorial here. Think will try this for myself.
  9. Lamps – R70 – R170 from mrprice. Depending on her style she can should wooden or glass or metal. I like these hey.
  10. Rugs – R70 from mrprice. Needs about 3 for either side of the bed.
  11. wall art -R40 from sheetstreet.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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