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I know I know I`m a bad blogger especially now that I`m a home maker and boy am I making the home. So here is sneak preview of what I`m working on.

Home Project 1 – Photo wall  or Photo collage I do like them and the blank wall besides the bedroom is the perfect place but a bit too tiny. Would have used the one by the front door but I really like the wall art and the red vase.

gotta try it out before I start drilling holes

layout with the frames

A bit of color is clearly needed hey. So bright and shiny love them. I also found some other frames in the house when I was cleaning out the old wardrobe. So will do the passage with those. Which brings me to

Home Project 2  – Guest room

This room used to look like this

This room was gym/storage/guest room/dressing room. It needs new curtains, new flooring, a bed and paint. the painting I will do it myself. still trying to choose colors want something nice and bright and colorful. Here are the options I like so far

This will now only be the dressing room and guest room.

Home Project 3 – gym and storage room

Well this is the junk room and we also hang our clothes to dry here after drying in the washing machine of course. Current status.

really hoping to get space to put eveything away

the missing shoes are on the floor lol

So am currently cleaning out staff and when its now a bare room (ok I so wish – just got too much staff) will use it as a gym. Am hoping to put the treadmill were I can equally watch TV. Ohh I do have a Tv in each of the rooms but after we upgraded to HD tv with extra view we cant get the dstv channels in the other room so much for upgrading hey.

Gotta go lift at least one more thing to bring this house back to order.


For a while I have been liking to add to the living room this

or this most definitely thisBut it don`t cost small money. These cost between £170 to £190. Though I sure want to create something like this

or Can I please move in. Now please


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