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Zim project part 2

Posted on: August 21, 2010

So my zim project is on hold. When it came down to doing the maths, there is no way I can pump so much money into something that I`m not even sure will get returns on it.

So Owen managed to convince me to invest in some shares and on the money market will see how that goes end of September that’s when I’m to rip the first profits hopefully will be able to re do it and put in some more cash.

In the mean time I decided to steal my good friend Muf business idea. I have been buying books for him on line and gets them shipped to Bulawayo. Mine would be shipped to Harare. My initial shipment is mostly bibles these I know have a ready market but I`m hoping to start bringing in all types of Books.

I need a name for this bookshop hey. Need to open up another Blog for it and create a FB page for it as well. Marketing and accounts coz most people will but on credit which is fine. Downpayment first and collect the book once you have finished the payments.

Am really hoping this works out well.

I also need to start selling hair – weaves and maybe some nigerian attires or cloths back home. Especially that very soon I`m going to be idle. had talked to Taku about her buying shoes and clothes on Sale in the uk and then ship them to Zim as well. Yes i Need to make money and making sense.

All in all I need to be


2 Responses to "Zim project part 2"

grt buz plans sis. real grt.

grt buz palns sis

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