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Posted on: August 16, 2010

So ever since I knew my sister in law was having a baby I have been obsessing over the baby i.e what sex it is when its due, what will we buy for the baby. Then during the past week it HIT me I can throw her a baby shower. So yey I`m throwing my first party ever. Come to think of it I have never thrown a party and never attended a baby shower so this will b my first.

I like the theme “modern chic mama”. but still have to come up with decor ideas, menu, decide on a venue and a BUDGET. DH said it has to be reasonable……and of course it will be but whose reasoniblity the jury is still out on that one.

I like these invites. Issue is getting them

like the wording on the one on top  and on the bottom the picture

but will probably do something classic like this

thou this is too girly not sure of the sex of the baby as well.

and I still have to get her color scheme. Ok she is one of those laid back people. While busy hunting down for a suitable present from us and I do want to give her something big like a baby cot or something like that, I managed to come across some neat items I would like for our nursery and now think am in love and clearly seeing and reading a lot about babies. Will be definitely be better prepared for the baby venture of my life unlike the marriage venture which was total hell but now things are getting better and better.

I`m also going to try and make this diaper cake, will try it here and then when I get to Benin will do it like a pro:-).

Cant wait.

Now there is a bit of drama on the party planning. The youngest tete wants it end of this month, I`m not ready for it by end of August. Why is she going now? couldn’t she have gone before. I don’t get it, your sister is pregnant and u decided to the states for 2 months and those two months in my books are the most crucial – last month and baby`s first month. Na wa oh!!!!! But partying will shall party.


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grt dat u planning the shower coz dats adds to ur ispiration hey. gud luck with it

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