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A couple of days ago I broke one of my DH rules don`t buy anything in traffic. But after this headline being literally chaffed onto my face.

So I reached into my handbag and fished out a 500naira note , opened my window received the change and the newspaper and gave the guy his money. Just this one-act turned my interest away from the baby making dreams and baby shower plans to dreaming about the house. My homemaker days have officially started so one of the things I will be doing is researching on mortgage because we definitely need one, dream up the house interiors and go look at potential houses 🙂 to keep inspired and

For a first time home buyer I definitely have a huge list it helps though as in I wont be drawn to a house cause it looks nice or its closer to the Island. So this is what I think we need. DH had said something like a duplex or something 3 bedroom etc.

  • master bedroom
    • with walk-in closet 🙂
    • with huge bathroom for a walk in shower and spa bath
  • girls` bedroom
  • boys` bedroom
  • guest bedroom
  • helper`s room – not in the house thou but not necessarily a separate quarter
  • open plan kitchen
    • big enough like our zim kitchen with huge windows
    • nice breakfast nook and a breakfast bar – ok I need to come down to earth here can’t afford a mansion but there is also hidden potential lol
  • living room
  • office
  • play room
  • media room
  • dinning room
  • gym

This is funny hey because a house like this would cost close to 100mil naira but hey you would never know. But I know what I want. and My God will provide.


Dear Zvichauya

Baby I have been pushing plans to have you for a while. First didn’t know whether I wanted you at all and now I now I want you. I can`t wait to have you, hold you, kiss you and watch you take your first of many firsts.

Now we need to make concrete plans of when we are to have you because I`m so ready for you emotionally but not so sure about financially and logistically as well. Moving away from home has clearly introduced some speed bumps but I surely do not regret waiting to have you. I needed to know myself first, discover whom I am and become stable and iron out all moving and settling in with your daddy before any baby drama. I`m so glad your daddy shared my view-point and I`m kinda sure he is ready for you. Its scary just thinking of having you the adjustments. I need to come up with a realistic budget initial and continuous. I strongly feel I need to go to Zim to have you before I never thought there were any good hospitals till I visited my neighbor she went to a pretty decent hospital here in Lagos and wasn’t as bad as Adojard hospital even Chitungwiza hospital is way a million times better than this so-called private hospital and would go to Zim also for the more practical reasons. I need someone to teach me how to take care of you. Ever since I read about SIDS I panicked. I`m so scared of it that I`m willing to go back to be cramped up in our old girls` bedroom just to make sure nothing happens to you. DH your daddy doesn’t think so but I`m hoping when he starts reading about baby staff he will know that there is so much to such a tiny being that we need all the help we can. Yes I thought about bringing people here but how many can fit into this tiny apartment. and I definitely need to create something like this for you.

Baby I still want to do my masters in the UK next year so maybe when I`m about to finish that I get pregnant that way will bring you goodies from the UK.  But if I keep on feeling the way I have been feeling of late you might come before masters 🙂 but I`m reasonable so definitely after masters. Which reminds me I need to apply for that.

What brought about this whole baby craving is that I`m planning a baby shower and have been looking for some ideas and what to get her and ohh man something just happens to my insides I carve for you. I know it will be hard work and I`m positive will be able to manage.

Good night my sweets.

So my zim project is on hold. When it came down to doing the maths, there is no way I can pump so much money into something that I`m not even sure will get returns on it.

So Owen managed to convince me to invest in some shares and on the money market will see how that goes end of September that’s when I’m to rip the first profits hopefully will be able to re do it and put in some more cash.

In the mean time I decided to steal my good friend Muf business idea. I have been buying books for him on line and gets them shipped to Bulawayo. Mine would be shipped to Harare. My initial shipment is mostly bibles these I know have a ready market but I`m hoping to start bringing in all types of Books.

I need a name for this bookshop hey. Need to open up another Blog for it and create a FB page for it as well. Marketing and accounts coz most people will but on credit which is fine. Downpayment first and collect the book once you have finished the payments.

Am really hoping this works out well.

I also need to start selling hair – weaves and maybe some nigerian attires or cloths back home. Especially that very soon I`m going to be idle. had talked to Taku about her buying shoes and clothes on Sale in the uk and then ship them to Zim as well. Yes i Need to make money and making sense.

All in all I need to be

There are a number of things I have wanted to change or throw away ever since I moved into this house and some ever since I set my foot inside DH apartment. Today I did just that for only two items and 1000000 more to follow. Since I told you about my new role decided to change that to Homemaker. Somes way better than housewife lol.

So here 1 before – master bath bin

I never thought I would fall in love with a bin. Especially this one. LOL. Its funny that we went for years (we as in my sisters and I) without a bin in out bathroom or bedroom. I remember throwing used pads just before I put them in the outside bin behind the door in our bathroom and I can remember clearly Alvin shouting for me to throw away my shit which I would have forgotten by the bathroom window.

Second up are the buckets. These are the worst didn’t know buckets could get that dirty. I tried cleaning them even socking them for days on end but nothing so I sort of gave up and been postponing replacing them since and guess today was D-day.

See how dirty the budget was. I always thought who mama would not be caught dead using that budget and how my room mate in Zambia always used to scrub hers like daily and she sort of inspired me to watch mine daily. But thinking back in high school I don’t remember cleaning my bucket, but I remember always used to wipe it down and store it under my bed. Yes I also got punished for leaving my bucket in the bathroom several times. Guess somethings don`t change.

Today is Day One of new venture Being a Housewife. Yes a Housewife lol. Never in a million years had I thought I would be one but guess ever making the decision to marry DH and move here it was sort inevitable. I do thank God that I was able to work for so long and after quitting the last job after having landed this one I knew by August would be sitting at home. I`m not fretting yet but I do have some fears whether I will get another one soon but I`m keeping the faith up:-)

So this week I`m working Monday, Wednesday and Friday and next week Tuesday and Thursday. The guy offered me 10days pay for 15days so nop agreed to work for only ten days. I have done enough probono work on this project. I’m tired and happy to get this chance to stay in doors.

Today didn’t start off so well had planned to go get a desk but decided to chill today. I need to come up with a schedule or time table for running and eating or at least go back to my Zambian diet and lifestyle. I didn`t run today and I have already eaten in order banana, munya  – old sadza from sunday + guru + bread, 2 bananas, grapes, popcorn, banana, grapes, chocolate, fries, popcorn and I`m still to eat super so this whole housewife business gonna make me grow fat. Seriously!!!

Because I will be at home now I need a desk asap and also because I have been waking up seeing DH on the floor working so cant really wait to fix the junk room into a home office. So making a home office area in the bedroom. It will have to go here

Might swap the TV and the desk to see which works best. Here`s the mood board

Here`s the breakdown

1. wall art – fell in love with it. Was actually thinking pf using it to replace the wall art over the bed. I don’t like the one over the bed coz I wouldn’t get it aligned its so not straight. I tried fixing it but ended up just putting more holes into the wall so decided to give up on it. I really like it willing to wait for ten weeks for it to be delivered.

2.  lamp –  wow I love 2b but the price so 2a is more practically priced.

3. flowers – some neat flowers to bring prettiness to the room and desk:-)

4.  chair – very pretty but also expensive. So I`m hoping that I sell IDES in order to fund this chair. So till I get a customer for IDES this chair is just a dream.

5. the desk is pretty ordinary and its dark brown just like the furniture in the bedroom, just couldnt find an online picture of one and was kinder lazy to keep on looking.

6. storage baskets to hide all the mess/clutter away.

So this week I`m just getting the desk the rest will follow eventually but am inching to get the baskets now.

So ever since I knew my sister in law was having a baby I have been obsessing over the baby i.e what sex it is when its due, what will we buy for the baby. Then during the past week it HIT me I can throw her a baby shower. So yey I`m throwing my first party ever. Come to think of it I have never thrown a party and never attended a baby shower so this will b my first.

I like the theme “modern chic mama”. but still have to come up with decor ideas, menu, decide on a venue and a BUDGET. DH said it has to be reasonable……and of course it will be but whose reasoniblity the jury is still out on that one.

I like these invites. Issue is getting them

like the wording on the one on top  and on the bottom the picture

but will probably do something classic like this

thou this is too girly not sure of the sex of the baby as well.

and I still have to get her color scheme. Ok she is one of those laid back people. While busy hunting down for a suitable present from us and I do want to give her something big like a baby cot or something like that, I managed to come across some neat items I would like for our nursery and now think am in love and clearly seeing and reading a lot about babies. Will be definitely be better prepared for the baby venture of my life unlike the marriage venture which was total hell but now things are getting better and better.

I`m also going to try and make this diaper cake, will try it here and then when I get to Benin will do it like a pro:-).

Cant wait.

Now there is a bit of drama on the party planning. The youngest tete wants it end of this month, I`m not ready for it by end of August. Why is she going now? couldn’t she have gone before. I don’t get it, your sister is pregnant and u decided to the states for 2 months and those two months in my books are the most crucial – last month and baby`s first month. Na wa oh!!!!! But partying will shall party.

I started this Blog to let you all in on my drama-full life and musing as they go by ah-dey ahh-dheyi but have come to realise I totally suck at it.  & thanks to Magnyash she reminded me that I need to get back to writting more, keeping everyone updates with my thoughts, dreams and musings.

So definitely suck at it as she rightly put it – I even got a new laptop so that I keep up with my blogging especially since DH is away but I have been so busy at work when I get home i just want to chill even if I have a million and one projects I need to do within the next couple of months.

I have a few pictures I thought I would share with you today but my camera has no battery, was using the internal memory and cant find the charger and let alone the cable. Need to become organized.

Will post tomorrow. Cant promise thou DH is coming in tomorrow and need to make up for last weekend. Was pissed at him and I couldn’t shake off the anger. Seriously letting go of something is not easy even if they apologize a 1000 times.

nyt nyt my darlings


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