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This will help you relax and sleep very well.


  • 1/5 glass of red wine
  • 4/5 glass of apple juice

Deliciously relaxing


I got this a couple of weeks ago. Had always wanted one and when it was special offer I picked it up.

Thought it would be something nice and romatic to do with DH. So decided to make this

and turned out to be like this

First plate didn’t look so neat it was dry so the chocolate was running but second plate looks divine man. I totally loved it. And enjoyed them. DH did take some or was it one not sure he clearly didn’t like them wierd who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries later on chocolate strawberries. yep its one of those things I love and to him they are just passing by.

They totally made my Sunday taking another one on my way to bed.

nyt nyt

If only I had seen you before but definitely next time

Dont quite remember when I got these, but they are supper cute hey.

We had a team bonding exercise we went bowling and on lunch break we went into Game and I saw them. Decided I cant carry them to the office used the staff bus so went back the next day to get them. Aren’t they pretty but really grand in real life.

Also picked up this and removed those ridiculous bathroom mats now looks so much better doesn’t it.

I eat this for supper. So baby when you crave crisps or unhealthy snacks. It aint your fault you got it from me. I don’t know who to blame. I just love them. Now for the downside of my DH being away besides missing him.

I looked high and low for this. Overturned sofas the house was just stinking. I gave up till the next morning as I went to switch on my wii ouch the smell killed me, I knelt down and guess what I found

Seriously I didn’t find it funny and was so gross I had goose bumps all over the smell was so bad I can still smell it.

I actually thought I will be fine with DH being away but I can’t stand it I miss him totally and I have to do the staff he does like refuel the generator, switch on the water pump always minding power and the inventor whether its charging or not.

Guess I will survive if not can always beg his boss to employee me too. lol

………..but so doable. I still need to do up our bath but had hit a bummer coz of the size of the current bathroom couldn’t get a bath tub that fits properly more like 150 my issue is that the bath area is exactly 150cms and most bathtubs are slightly bigger than that.
and the ones I like are about 170cm in length. So wasn’t pushing it. But am so tired of seeing those broken tiles etc and I do need something to do.

So was happily reading a new blog and I saw an office in a closet. had seen something like that before but it got my brain working overtime. Then I decided to look for an online design software found it and then the first thing it asks me is room dimensions and I decided to get measurements.

Mind you this room I current use it as my dressing room the wardrobe is in there, my treadmill and the sit up bench (man tried using it today I don suffer only did three and that’s when i need to do some more my tummy is definitely jigely/wobbly need to firm it up)
Have been meaning to redo the whole room from floor to ceiling to be really the room lacks any drama expect chaos.
So that’s when it hit me can turn this room into my master bath yey so I googled about converting a bedroom into a bathroom and then saw converting a closet into a bathroom and then dats it. It does sound kinda crazy but its so doable.

I now need to come up with a plan that will work, get the plumber here and get quotes. I have three ideas that i need to run with

  1. redo the master bath room and install a bathtub in the shower area
  2. redo the master bath room and install a bathtub in the closet area by ripping out the wardrope there and carpet and drilling holes for plumbing into the master bathroom. need to come up with the best option here either along the wall facing you as you walk into the bath area or where the ward rope is currently is.
  3. redo the master bath room and install a bathtub in the gym/dressing room/guestroom that’s turning it into gym/dressing room and /bathtub area meaning we rib out the closet, install plumbing connection into the next shower area and thus losing a guest room and potential nursery

Seriously 2 is a great plan and just thought of maybe putting the bathtub in the guest shower. Check out people like me who seriously needed a bathtub. Decided to put a bathtub in a closet.

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