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Master bathroom……ahh not yet

Posted on: May 30, 2010

The one thing I would really love to change about this apartment is the bathroom. Its small and there is wasted space in the really unusable closet.  Really wish woul just tear down the wall and make a way bigger bathroom but then again its not my house I`m renting and guess have been watching too much Hidden Potential.

Ever since DH hubby agreed to get a bathtub i have been on the hunt for some small bathroom inspiration and trust me our bathroom is tiny and I cant change the layout or breakdown the wall and all the bathtubs I saw yesterday (yep went window shopping) were about 170cm which is too long for our bathroom space which is about 152cm maximum. I saw a 140cm umm its tiny but could fit but will I? Then again wats 10cms more. Tomorrow I will be going to ikeja before work – public holiday tomorrow but i have to work I`m behind and have lots of things to do. I might be going in today as well meaning this week i cant get my hair done and it really needs a good wash. In ikeja will be going to about three shops to look for bathtubs. Hope will get something.

Colours Im really liking

Inspirations from a real bathrooms


I really like the idea of a shower glass panel unlike the shower curtains hope the price will be reasonable. I cant wait till the work begins hope wont hear cant fit coz it has to fit. I still need to decide on bathtiles etc


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have you started work on it yet?

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