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my bedroom mood board

Posted on: April 17, 2010

I had since promised my bedroom mood board and here it is.

My carpet is detailed I mean it has pattern lol. So I will try to keep everything else quite simple especially the big items that will sort of torn down the ‘design’ on the wall to wall carpeting.

1. I love these table lamps form Additions Direct. The only thing that has stopped me from buying them is that I fear they might break while being shipped here.

2. The mirrors. You know I love the whole idea of mirrors behind lamp. I have two options no frame (very affordable) with stencil design or framed mirrors from Game issue is they are quite price but they will be easiest option. Will pick them up and just hang them no drilling needed unlike the frameless one which are for the price if two huge ones I can only by one small framed one, yet I want the huge one.

3. Wall paper. To be the feature wall behind the bed. Will try to use akara (Zambia clothe) instead of it. DH bought it off one lady in his office. If it doesn’t work out will remove it.

4. Four picture frames. Just haven’t decided on the colour, cream, white, gold or brown. Wasn’t thinking of putting any actual pictures thou not sure what as of now.

5. Plain shiny chocolate curtains or the curtains in my living room and will replace those.

6. Two black and chrome floor lamps already on their way to Lagos. One will definitely be behind the chaise chair. The other somewhere in the room.

7. Chaise chair – drama behind this ooh. Had ordered one and was to be delivered before Easter and the they postponed. After Easter they postponed and I decided enough is enough these guys are charging me store prices won’t take it so requested for my refund. I did manage to order it again close to my house. Delivery next week.

8. The two square cushions will be on B on the chaise.

9. Then these two will be on A.

10. Rug on its way to Lagos 🙂


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