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MIA again

Posted on: April 17, 2010

I’m sorry I have been MIA but I knew this would happen once I got a new project. I’m supper busy and my body can feel the beginning of a stressful yet exciting journey. Won’t keep you guessing for long. I got a new project. I decided I’m done with sitting in the office becoming fat and as Femi said stale. So got a new offer where I will earn roughly what I was earning but instead of being bored the whole day I will be talking and cracking my head. For real I took offense at being called stale because I was at a one client for nearly two years doing support but in honest truth it is true so I quickly got over it. I definitely need to catch up and I hope more new projects will come up I do still want to remain relevant but being stuck at multi links was kinder it for me.

So will dedicate my Friday night for posts if I’m not too tired and after watching Fringe. I love it. DH sleeps though it but I’m always wide awake with my heart in my throat.

Anyway this weekend I need to do the following

1. Clean my car – inside. OMG its horrible there was even a smell of stale something on Sunday and Monday thank God 9ja is hot the smell quickly went away.

2. Dust of all the fans. Dare I post a picture I think so. done 🙂 see picture below

3. Try to run. I have been running rapidly walking every morning for about 40minutes and the treadmill says I burn about 400 calories. Weekends are usually difficult for me.

4. Update this blog man it’s been long.

5. Remove cobs all over the house. Man I need a maid really.

Happy weekend everyone!!!!


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