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April home projects

Posted on: April 17, 2010

A number of projects are on my mind that I totally want to finish up this month.

  1. master bathroom is i could call it that. seriously it depresses me everyday. I just cleaned scrubbed the white beige tiles and they are still looking depressing especially after being at Zenon(new client) bathroom with its white shiny tiles. Ours are just too depressing and dangerous they are all cracked and broken. ok not all of them but some of them. I`m sure to redo them wont cost more than 10k. not including the kitchen ones. DH also promised to get bathtub for the bathroom. Getting a new shower head definitely.
  2. finish up the bedroom. most definitely after the SA trip scheduled at the end of this month. Cant wait for some much-needed shopping. This is the proposed layout though will swap the bed and the chaise.
  3. sort out my closet. i need to put away all my clothes I cant fit right now. Or maybe I should leave them and be inspired to lose this weight. I think im on schedule. the drinking water only I can only manage it during the week weekend I usually give in but guess that’s better than nothing i have reduced my drink = sugar intake. yipi. I still monitor what I drink anyway only one a day.
  4. get lighting for the eating area and remove that fan that’s not working.
  5. I hate the site of the cables around the TV. So i want to get a TV frame done. still to look for a design I like. will ask Kenny- carpenter for a quote. Hope will get time this week to finalize on a design.

See do need to do something about the cables. It’s just too cluttered, with the cables all over the place.

Hope my projects wont suffer because of this new client no time for wakadube (going shoping during office hours).


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