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No Drink for the month of April

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Well expect for when I`m in Cairo of course. I`m really hoping I can stick to this. I have seen reduced my drink intake would drink at the office and when I get home. I had stopped taking carbonated drinks but was having them these past couple of months. So in Cairo no carbonated drinks whats so ever.

I did start this yesterday went into Prince – local supermarket and walked out without getting the drink and pop corn. I had taken two instead of two boxes or ten just to drink till we leave tomorrow and I just said to myself at the till point. I have to start today postponing it wont work. There is no way i would buy it and not drink it. Which raised another issue from DH. He doesn’t mind not having juice he has since reduced from drinking a whole 1 litre at once to sharing to just water with meals. but our guests what we will give them. Malt is the answer. OMG this drink is a delicacy here but it tastes like mushonga issh like that horrible cough mixture I can’t stand it at all. Swallowing one sip its hell. So will stock up on that for our guests not that we have many of them lol.

So for the month of April I will 

No I’m not going on a water only fast I will just not be drinking any drink whatsoever.

Doing this will help me lose weight I hope and reduce my period pains because this month I suffered I cried and cried. It better work. DH claims sugar increases period pain and my neighbour says so too.


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