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Cairo trip finally finalized

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Those who will be spending time at home please eat your heart out 🙂

Tour – (Cairo) 6 days, 5 nights

Day 1- Arrival : Thursday “April,1,2010”

Arrive  Cairo International  Airport meet  and assist by our steward . then drive by air-conditioned private car to your hotel in which you will be assisted by our steward for check in.

Day 2- Cairo : Friday “April,2,2010” (Giza Pyramids/Sakkara/Dahshur)

Our tour guide will meet you at your hotel and accompany you by A\C car to visit Great Pyramids & Sphinx one of the seven wonders of the ancient world they are great monument of a great civilization that was born seven thousand years ago. The largest one in Egypt is the one built for King Khufu in Giza. Khufu’s pyramid known as the great pyramid, is the only one of the seven as wonders of the world that still exists. Egyptian pyramids were originally built to serve as tombs for kings and queens, then visit Sakkara more ancient site than that of Giza contains tombs and temples Sakkara was the principal necropolis for the ancient city of Memphis, visit Dahshur there you will see the Red Pyramid Located in South Saqqara stand the pyramids of Dahshur . The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid are about 2 km south of the Mastaba Faraoun. The constructor of these pyramids is thought to have been Snofru (2575 – 2551 BC), who was the first ruler of the 4th Dynasty. Snofru built these two pyramids and is thought to have built the pyramid at Maidoun. His son was Cheops who continued his constructive tendencies & The  Bent Pyramid is unique for two reasons. The first is the angle change. There are two theories for this change. The first is that the builders may have gotten tired and wanted to reduce the volume and to finish faster. Another is that when the pyramid at Maidoun collapsed, the architect lost his nerve and changed the angle. The angle at Maidoun was 52 degrees as is the base of the Bent Pyramid. At the bend, the angle is changed to 43.5 degrees up to the peak ; finally you will be transferred back to your hotel.

evening: 3D movie – Cairo stars (yep don’t have 3D here so we vowed every time we travel we gotta go see one. My very first was Final destination 4 and WOW.

magic galaxy amusement park (and again don’t have here we get to have fun) – need to check out closing times thou

Day 3- Cairo : Saturday “April,3,2010” (Dinner Cruise)

Morning: Swimming and chilling

Afternoon: Dreamland Amusement park

Our steward will transfer you via a/c car from your hotel to your Dinner Nile Cruise including 2 hours sailing then you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Day 4- Cairo : Sunday “April,4,2010” (Egyptian Museum/Sound & Light show)

My birthday

Morning: Swimming and chilling

our professional guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel transfer you by a/c car to visit Egyptian Museum that was built during the reign of Khedive Abbass Helmi II in 1897, and opened on November 15,1902 it has 107 halls. At the ground floor there are the huge statues. The upper floor houses small statues, jewels, Tutankhamen treasures and the mummies ; transferred back to your hotel rest & refresh then at night you will be transferred via a/c car to Giza Pyramids to attend Sound & Light Showthe show will start at 9:30″ then you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Early evening – birthday dinner (need to book at a french restaurant)

Day 5- Cairo : Monday “April,5,2010” (Free Day)

Spend free day at leisure.

Morning: Swimming and chilling

shopping hi hi hi

movie & more rides

Day 6- Cairo : Tuesday “April,6,2010”

Our steward will transfer you from your hotel to the airport for your final departure.

wasnt amused our flight leaves at 8 in the morning.

Ok so I just did a copy and paste from what the tour guide gave me. Items in blue are my own input of what roughly will do that day. I might change evening activities of day 1 thou so that we do the sound and light show same day that way will free up my birthday day.

Cairo here we come.


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