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Master Bedroom Inspiration

Posted on: March 5, 2010

I`m not really happy about my bedroom. I had and still have certain imagines on how I would like my master bedroom and if you read this blog you know the things I want. As I was reading my daily blogs (ohh ya I need to update my page and put them up) I came across these and really pushed me to complete my bedroom.

I love that lamp. Perfect size. I'm still looking for my lamps and these are it. I tell you But these are designer and buying them from the states what if they get broken and I would have paid so much so Hell no. Will look for cheaper versions

And this one

Love this room but not for me. It's busy. The Mirrors are to die for. This picture pushed me forward with that I have to get mirrors for the headboard side lamps. I going to change the wall art in the bedroom as well. the rug here is perfect size but too much detail for me.

These were my original colour scheme. Dont know were I went wrong oops I know. Got to the curtain market and they didn’t have what I wanted so settled for less.

My bedroom was inspired from this room. Those lamps could do but the curtains I want. I need to look high and low for them. I want the bedroom curtains to be silky and light.

Totally inspiration but in my next house I think.

Hope you have guess what I want to do/buy now. Think I have listed this out before. Need to keep up with those tags

  1. Curtains
  2. Lamps – floor and table
  3. Rug
  4. and love seat.

Pay day is on monday so will happily enjoy buying and ordering. Problem is will take weeks to get here.


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