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I feel guilty

Posted on: February 25, 2010

I`m not even sure why I`m feeling guilty guess that’s what growing up does hey. Is guilty even the correct way to explain how I feel im not sure. All I know I had said no to impulse buying and now have spent nearly the last cent I have. Yes I had planned on getting continental pillows someday and wasnt sure whether someday was today. I had promised to make the pillow cases but reality is I would have made them when? When I had bought the sewing machine what a joke.

Let me start with how it all went. Yesterday on my way home I drove home DH wasn`t feeling so well. So I stopped by this shop that sells bar stools really close to where we stay and asked how much the stools were and guess what 12k that’s about 80usd this is the lowest price of them all. So I decided would get those and use make cushions from some of the pillows I have since I will have more than what I need after buying the continental pillows this was just an idea not even sure if it was going to work. i knew that I wasnt going to get the stools by Game.

This afternoon I went to get travel insurance. Boy was I glad it was only about usd30 per person. It so close to the Palm Mall. You guessed it where Game is located. I said to myself I`m going there to see if they now have the stools – just to look at them because 1. didn’t have enough cash to buy them 2. had already decided not to by them and get these way less expensive ones lol. I could have easily called the guy from game but decided haba I’m already close to the mall so why not and i might get to by KFC. ahh yes KFC is now at Palms though yesterday they were open but not to the general public they had a guest list imagine at KFC. this be 9ja for real.

Got to Game they didn’t have the stools and that cutie pie was gone. So I picked up the following

  • floor tiles for $3.40 per square metre. I forgot to measure the area as I had promised so guessed about 6 square meters in total.
  • paint remover, brush and scarpper.I hadnt planned on the last two but the instructions said i needed a brush and scraper in total  $25
  • serviette holder lol coz I thought it was neat and cheap had seen it yesterday but left it for $6
  • 2 continental pillows + the pillow cases $37 the pillow cases were expensive
  • dish rack $10 – I want to use it for the yam. it’s the only fruit & veg I don’t put into the fridge and I have more counter space than floor space now. I had one that i was using before a vegetable rack of some sort but its white and really dirty been in DH apartment since forever and yes i plan on replacing everything lol. Not really but at the rate I`m going don’t think so.

Officially I`m broke now and that`s why i was feeling guilty because I know will tend to DH to bail me out yet I`m suppose to stick to a budget right and prioritize lol me ke (inini chaiye/ Me???).


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