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Cairo step one twenty to go

Posted on: February 24, 2010

I have been a busy girl today. I wasn`t feeling to great have a some what may flu like symptoms and my office was really cold so decided tp go to Egypt air just to check out their promos for the hotels etc. she seemed so efficient and has it all together but guess what hell no. She sent me information on Luxor cruises seriously. replied her and still no email from her. Also went to Egypt embassy and got the application forms which reminds me they want travel insurance ahh brother. Dont even know where to start with that one. Pissing thing is I was planning on going there tomorrow. So guess it will have to Monday since Friday is a public holiday.

On my way from there I decided to pass through Game hi hi hi. Pass through as in i drove twenty minutes in the opposite direction. The short cut was good to me though because no traffic to and from. I wanted to check out my stools before the sale date tomorrow but apparently they don’t have them yet. Can you handle.

So started wondering around and I meet this cutie with a sold out sign and a price tag of N180, 000 ($1200) they are honestly crazy but so worth it. Only managed to get one foto before my fone went off no battery

Cute no wonder she was sold out but the price tag is a killer. Maybe I  should get my carpenter to make one. Cheape cheape lol


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your blog is very interesting and fun

don’t you want to turn it into a novel
you’ll make money i think!!!!!!!!!
and am not jus saying that coz am ur sista

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