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Posted on: February 23, 2010

She went in yesterday evening and not without a struggle. the plumber had to put in a new hole in the sink. At that moment was already trying to remember where I had spotted a neat sink that I wanted to have coz come what may my baby had to go in.

The plumber did disappoint he broke two tiles and seems like it’s really calling me to change them. He also created a new hole underneath the sink but I don’t go down there. He will come in today to seal it.

Another option for the tiles is to get tile paint and that means importing it from UK. I`m not even sure I can do that.

Isn`t she lovely. after months and months of lying idle this week she has worked.

ps I read somewhere that blogging improves your writing skills and that`s so true. My spellings have improved tremendously. See I can now type in that word, thou had to do a spell check to be sure and I had gotten it wrong. I had an i somewhere.


1 Response to "my new loves"

lol seriously this is soo cool. Is this your kitchen sink. I wish i had taken the pics of the nasty orange couches I had before we bought the new ones!

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