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Nearly there….. living room

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Hello guys.. hope you had a great weekend. I`m really debating if i should post my blog on FB. I know this will attract a lot of traffic to it but do i really want people in my life nah. Will leave it for just my close friends and family.

This weekend we had company yep Kenny came and things are beginning to take shape now. I`m really hoping to finish it off this weekend. Here are the living room pictures. The mirror finally went up but with at least four different sets of holes till i realised it’s not my measurements which are wrong but the mirror itself. the mirror hooks for the horizontal positioning are not straight and DH wants to drill into the mirror ahh nop. Not my mirror. Will fix it this weekend by drilling in more holes lol. Now I understand why landlords all over the world don’t want people drilling holes. I`m happily drilling holes because I know deep down my mirror will cover them and it’s not really my house inst lol not that I`m intetionally ruining the wall.

View as You enter the house through the main door. I need help to close the opening.

I don’t mind it like that but DH wants a covering. He suggested curtains ….umm think not. Need ideas

Living room – see the lamp which looks like it’s about to fall. DH said he can’t get it straight.

Umm ok we get a new one then. Though I dont need to replace them. I think they are neat.

Check out the Mirror. Cute hey and it doesn’t seem to be slanting but it is.

Isnt that rug devine. when i grow up (get rich i mean) my whole house will have wall to wall covering of that carpet. It feels so devine.

TV wall. Ahh seriously I don`t like this end. DH insisted on having the TV on the wall but the cables drive me nuts. Got someone to intsll the cable thing but this wall needs Help.

My favourite corner. Too bad the corner is really tiny. Would have loved to have a small table there.

Dinning room???? ok not sure what to call this area. looks way better now that kenny changed the doors to glass.

click here to view the before pictures. Yes thats my fridge DH insisted on it and it couldnt fit into the tiny kitchen.

Am not a fan of table cloth but i dont like the finish of the wood next to the granite it looks horrible and guess that brings in a bit of color.

Wall art — pretty hey and I put it up with only one try.

Whats my name……..?


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