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Breakfast bar drama…..NOT

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Insisting on what you want really pays off in life sometimes especially if you know what you want.  read here for the breakfast bar drama.

All that`s missing are the bar stools. Found these on amazon.

These are so perfect. The issue is that I will have to get them from Uk and getting them here is about £150 including shipping and delivery for the two. I have not seen these in any of the stores here expect one interior decor place and they are going for £220 pounds each. So definitely need to buy from uk.

I have found mainly these types here

Yes they are neat but are they comfortable. The breakfast bar is not only for eating but for studying as well. It will serve as both eating area and Home office so they do need to be comfortable. had found some stools for about 70 pounds but they where purple. they could work since tha art work there is purplish. cheape cheape lol


2 Responses to "Breakfast bar drama…..NOT"

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