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Easter 2010

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Today I’m busy researching on Cairo Hotels. Yes that’s where we be headed for Easter. I just hope will keep the budget within budget. It’s to be for maximum of 3k. Yes I’m sure I can pull it off. Definitely Egyptian cotton sheets are to be bought. Oops 3k I might just be pushing it lol. I have realised I come up with a figure from my head and decide to stick to it. Should stop that. I should research first and then come up with a budget don’t you think. So have found one hotel I like. It’s a sister hotel to hotel we stayed in Dubai. I just love the huge pools. But this won’t stop me from looking into the other hotels to see if I can get anything better.

What I generally look for in hotels are in order of importance

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Bath tub (yes don’t have a bathtub here so need to enjoy the hotels own)
  3. Room
  4. Price (well really is important too I have a limit on this)
  5. Trip advisor reviews thank God. read here – hell hotel. I realised I was reading on a hotel in India (blonde moment there). Click on the photos gross man
  6. I also like using business hotels they are relatively uncrowded. Hate crowds!!! loved our stay at Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City

I need to decide on these things

  1. Hotel
  2. Number of nights well it’s for easter and easter should be resting. So either we come back monday or Tuesday. I want Tuesday but budget exceed already. Will see 🙂
  3. Things to do. Plan is at least two activities per day leaving either morning or afternoon free.

Am so excited. DH says whatever I decide is fine with him. He is one of those people who really cannot be bothered by anything. I have since learnt that if I want to do something I better plan and research DH will not even read the itinerary given to him. He will ask you every hour “so what’s next”. Though I have to take note to avoid two mistakes I made so far on the trips I have planned. Not planning anything to over loading the days.

As the day progressed I realised that I need to prioritize what I need to do. So will start with hotel hunting and reading countless of hotel reviews. Don’t know what I would have done without them. Today I have two hotels in mind or 3. the thing with the third one is it really doesn’t have great reviews but I can get 50% discount on it will need to call RVI to confirm.

Hotels in no particular order

  1. CITYSTARS CAIRO – Intercontinental hotel
  2. Le Méridien Pyramids – check out the pool
  3. Sheraton Cairo Hotel, Towers and Casino

Love everything about Citystars except for the price. Le Meridian think its in Giza don’t really want added costs of travelling out of Cairo. I’m sure it’s about 20km away.

Let me read on


2 Responses to "Easter 2010"

hey gal, good entertainment fo real lyk u’v said. All the best and enjoy to the max. Take the best care of your sweet self and keep my mkwasha for lyf

hope u will enjoy every moment of it.All the best

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