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Valentine`s day

Posted on: February 15, 2010

For the past two years I have been having crappy valentine`s day. Last year I had said we should go away for all holidays that way will remove the pressure and burden on anyone to overdo or plan or compensate. I personally feel that DH should plan and do something nice for me on Valentine’s Day regardless of the fact that it’s his birthday.  Yes he is a valentine`s baby and his other name is valentine. I slept felling terrible and work up feeling worse. Both emotionally and physically.  Thought it was because of the thing I`m not mentioning because it can’t be real. Though after talking to Taku I remembered God is best friend he knows when I`m ready for it and right now I aint.

You see in my dream world when I feel like this I want my DH attention but he runs away only to make it worse. Not running away by getting out of the house but he just ignores me. I took pain killers and slept off and he didn’t so much as show an inch of kindness towards me. Knowing him he was probably resenting me why am I not treating him like a king. Clearly forgetting that I`m not feeling well he just lets me be. I wake up a while later (mind you I don’t sleep during the day at all and he failed to notice that I slept the whole morning) to him munching cereal, the day I wanted to be offered nothing came my way. By this time I was hungry and decided to make sadza (yes finally ShopRite has mealie meal).  Told him we need tomatoes and onions (I was cooking which means I need them now go get them) and was told he will get them later when he goes out. Ok so I proceed to make sadza and just thought will do it zim braai style. Cook the meat, do vegetables and then sadza. Once the meat was nicely done I added a bit of water trip learnt from mama and the meal was done. It was one of my best meals ever. DH hubby didn’t even eat half of it he started saying he wants stew and I reminded we needed tomatoes and he said he will get it later. He claims he didn’t know we needed them now now. (Yeah right when do I ever randomly say things unless I need them). I was still feeling weak and so went to back to bed.

So you see valentine and holidays I definitely need to be away from the house because ever since we moved in it has always been disaster. Though this year was better I got earrings and shoes. Earring had to be returned because they aint worth the price maybe I’m bush but they didn’t look $600 worth. The shoes are neat very lovely but I have a wide foot some shoes just look horrible on me and these ones do. So DH is returning them and said will give me the cash. You could thing I’m nasty but I’m not going to spend the rest of my life getting presents which are not to my taste. So this is a learning curve.

By supper time I hadn’t given DH his present and he came in saying that he now needs to save money for Blackberry. I silently giggled because I knew he will get the shock of his life maybe not since I was suspecting Femi had told him I want to get him a BB. I had decided to give his present when I gave him the birthday cake had thought afternoon but was felling weak them so definitely after supper. So I continued listening to him as he went on and on about BB.

I gave him the cake and present (BB in a perfume box) and left the room and I started hearing moans and groans and he came to the kitchen and I got a kiss. And that`s just me I give great gifts

DH new bold

My bold - so old and huge. I want a new one

Hope to get a new BB soon not a bold this time but storm – touch screen. Need to put up my wish list


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That was a gift and a half. Waal!

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