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Kitchen………(deep breathe)

Posted on: February 15, 2010

Nothing good ever comes out from being cheape cheape.  As for me I think I have learnt that quality over quantity is really is for me. Kenny just made me realise that should apply to everything in my life. I had seen finished cabinet with good finishes and I decided that I’m sticking to my budget and these guys were too expensive. Did I research on the budget no? I just thought had planned on spending 2k usd for Christmas so therefore will use that for the kitchen hence my kitchen budget was set. Have I exceed that yes. Well in all fairness the budget was just for the kitchen. The other staff painting the wall the art wall decor items I never really thought about them let alone budget for them.

The kitchen is nearly done though Kenny is a mumu as DH says. Seriously how can he think I want this

Only glass doors on one set of cabinet and the rest wood. I honestly don’t know what he was thinking, if he was thinking at all. He got out my specs and it was written glass doors. though on the instructions he had 18 & 16 were to be glass doors he only put on one. If he had done as on the instructions fine but he still didn’t do that as well.  I told him that all top doors to be glass. He tried getting out of it expenses etc and yet he was the one who charged me for glass doors. WTF. Told him I can pay for the breakfast bar glass doors though clearly the drawing had glass and I’m sure I told him because my inspiration for that was glass doors. I need to use it house books, vases etc so clearly its glass doors.

I’m now regretting not changing the wall tiles because they look so out-of-place now. My concern now is the height of the cabinets.  the top shelf level is perfect  I wont need a stool to reach it yet there is not enough room by the sink area. I want to keep on using my double dish rack (ahh no I want to buy another one which is still double but in this case its to be stainless still. ) and it can fit but not with dishes so for now i have removed the top rack. He didnt even ask me to confirm the height of the cabinets he just decided to hang it where he thought is ok. The other thing he messed up what that the two lower cabinets. One by the sink and the other with the glass doors were suppose to be single shelved and half the height of the taller ones but alas he made them longer and I can`t even fit anything underneath the glass one so I removed the shelf. seriously he need to move it up a bit.

Another annoying cheape cheape issue is that the guy don`t use his common sense. I told him the granite is to be level with the stove and he made he higher. He left the cabinets exposed and we use gas stove with flames and if the wind blows then what fire. na wa oh. Thank God that these guys are not professional though they left bits and pieces of staff all over the house and I managed to find a granite piece that i use to

protect the cabinet. see here

When he comes in today he will surely hear from


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