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breakfast bar drama

Posted on: February 15, 2010

Kenny turned up on Saturday and started installing the kitchen cabinets. He started with the bottom ones and everything was looking great till he got to the breakfast bar. At first I thought I was overacting so I went back to the bedroom. A few minutes later I couldn’t help it I had to look again to be sure and was now positive that there was something wrong. I called my attention to him and told him that the under cabinets were too long/big for what I had in mind and we had to measure it again. And alas it was slightly longer than my specifications. I told him that these measurements are to be for the countertop and the storage was to be half of it so that I have leg room. The whole point of the table was to be used to eat and study (yes I’m planning on studying well sometime in the near future) so I definitely need leg room.

He tries to pin the blame on me and he gets put the specs I gave him and alas they are showing what I want. So left him. Sometime later I go back again (yes I’m one of those who don’t sit idle waiting for someone to create disaster for you.) I went back and the guy is continues mounting it. I repeated myself and also told him that I wanted glass doors for the living room facing cabinets and he just had wood on them.  He brings out my specs. I had not written glass doors on it but the drawing was had glass doors. We exchange the few words and I accepted the blame and told him I want glass.

For the fourth time or so I called him over the same issue and this time he had put the granite on top of huge incorrect storage. I told him straight up that it’s unacceptable and there’s no way I’m accepting this and I have been telling him since that I don’t want it like that. He has to redo it. By then he had finished mounting the wrong wooden doors (I had noticed him doing it before and had said wont insist isn’t it I have been telling him what I want and he just kept on insisting. Maybe I will like the doors once they are done and I don’t like them.) Asked him why he kept on putting them and he said bla bla bla I wasn’t really listening because they were just excuses.

Seriously see why he has to redo them.

See already in use 🙂 .  He promised to come tonight to take it since he didn’t have a car with him. Guess he was hoping if I start using it I won’t make him take it off. and he difinately doesnt know..


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