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What If….?

Posted on: February 12, 2010

What If…
Today I got the waste scare of my life. I`m just hoping it’s a scare and not real because seriously I aint emotionally or financially ready so won’t even put it in writing.

Yesterday I went shopping. I had to pick up drilling screws and sales people are amazing. I asked the sales guy for them and he shows me individuals one, kindly mentioning that they are for different set of materials. Ok I didn’t know that though it makes perfect sense that there are different drilling sets for wood, concrete and metal. I just thought a drill is a drill. I asked for a set and he goes on to bring a set for about 50usd and I was prepared to pay that much in my mind I was planned on buying one screw not sure of the price but never thought it would be like 50bucks. I tell him it’s too much and so will pick one by one and one by one was really more expensive. He could clearly see I was torn and then he tunes we have more with lower types I happily follow him and to see lots of different sets for different prices and he had picked the most expensive. I asked him why and he tunes that’s the first one he picked. Ha like I believe it so gave him a look which says that. I picked up one with more gadgets than I will ever need or use but who knows they are a life time investment isn’t.

I also picked up this

And will go here.

I had bought For this place but decided with DH that it’s too small. Need something bigger. So am going to put it on the right side of the mirror. Hope it works out.

The photos will be replaced with these frames.


was for here it was also too small so am going to return it and get the 5 piece one and its for the same price. yipi.

Check this out.

The frames are not straight or even. Told DH that i need a leveler (well not sure if thats the name. But that thing which builders use to see if lines are straight etc). he just laughed and i know he secretly says ‘ahh this zimbabwean`. though he did say this aloud ‘ you being idle is expensive. you need to get another contract` lol.

I`m going to be busy this weekend. I hope to get everything done tomorrow. so that on Valentines day we just get to chill and love each other.



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