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Stand still

Posted on: February 10, 2010

I’m feeling like all I have done is not enough and kinder on a stand still. Mainly because tomorrow won over today. But it doesn’t mean I won’t do it tomorrow.
The kitchen is still without the cabinets though the granite came last Saturday. The guy promised to come this Saturday just hoping he comes in early. Need to go to the salon. I want to look hot on V-day lol.
My lovely mirror is on the wall because I thought all I needed was a drill apparently I need to purchase the drilling screws as well. I don’t get why they don’t come with the drill. So either will by those ones or wait for Kenny – carpenter to come drill the holes on Saturday.
The stand still is that I have money but it can’t cover for everything I need right now. How do I prioritise. I want everything and I want it all now. The list is as follows: LP = low priority
1. Bedroom lamps – mu budget can’t seem to get anything really nice unless I get from the lighting store at Silverbird those are okish.
2. Bedroom additional wall art it’s about 7k will probably get it tomorrow
3. Living room art. Saw these metal ones about 7k as well hope they will fit well I want to put them. I had wanted canvas art but it’s a danger- prone area so the metal one will do.
4. Silver photo frame
5. Bedroom floor lamp x 2 – LP
6. Sitting room lamp x2 – LP
7. Yemi`s birthday present – LP (lol)
8. Bedroom rug x2
9. Bedroom sofa/seat

I’m sure I have more items on the list.

Number 9. I went around trying to get prices for it here but the prices are way too expensive. I saw one with a messenger for 1.2million. I just said wow very nice and walked out of the shop. Had seen these cheap one but when I sat on it, it’s not comfortable at all. I’m contemplating on having one made. I have narrowed it down to three choices. Which one should I have custom made?


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