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Today`s wants versus Tomorrows needs

Posted on: February 8, 2010

I have always been torn between these two.  Obviously the me the real me wouldnt careless about tomorrow. Tomorrow will sort itself out. But i have since learnt that is not always the case. There is nothing as pissing as not having enough money. For the past two years i have learnt the joy of having enough money to buy what i want and never running out. Especially on my sa trip will always come back home with change.  I can’t confidently walk into any shop and browse (Prada, Gucci etc) without having to by anything because I know if I want I can pick up that bag but im choosing not to. lol

Now im just torn between wanting lamps for bedroom and sitting room, a rug in fact two for the bedroom, a nice seat or sofa for the bedroom and I actually enjoy the new bed even if it was hard i do enjoy the bed now especially during the day when i get to relax. The room now feels nice and airy. And saving for tomorrows needs.

One step at a time. Rome wasnt built in a day but I do get really inpatient and I have tried to be patient and do things a step at a time but feels like it’s forever.

my inspiration board for the lamps


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