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What’s next?

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Now that I have my home decor nearly done with a few things missing that don’t really warrantee my undivided attention I’m wondering what’s next. What could I possibly do next. Something will come but now not sure what.

So the status of the house to date is that the kitchen guy didn’t turn up last weekend as expected “ma`am I`m down with malaria.”. Was disappointed but might as well as the painters where in the house that weekend. Bed got delivered Saturday evening and it’s not what I ordered but will have to live with it, since it was custom made lol. The bed was unbelieving hard. Had thought of getting it replaced but it really does feel ok now guess it just needed getting used to. My plan was to remove the makeshift base and by a 6” softer mattress but DH says he is sleeping much better now? Do I believe him or he is just saying that so that I don’t go on to spend more money. I do wonder. I love the way the bed is now so high but its high.

One thing I hate about writing this blog at work is that I can’t attach pictures on the clients network. So you will have to wait for the bedroom pictures. I saw something about posting blogs using email. Will read that and see if i wil be able to attach pictures as well.

Yesterday I went to Ikota shopping complex and boy or boy are they expensive. But it seems to be busy though and what I like is that there’s some form or order and parking is available. What I don’t get is why the owner didn’t build a mall . Ok Ikota is a mall but more of the market type with rows and rows of shops. Whereas a mall or really a story build building will be in doors and everything centrally managed like air conditioners  and power and I’m sure better parking and space utilization. I know this was probably cheaper and easier to rent out and manage but don’t make it easier for shoppers like me who like to walk around. So getting in and out of heat then cold air will just make one bloody tired. Or is it because I’m unfit. Yes I need to start running.

I decided to go to Ikota to see if I could get cheaper items than Game but ohh boy game is way less expensive than those guys.  They buy staff from UK and states a from shops like target and then come sell them at ridiculous prices that if I lived in the states they would be designer things I buy at that price. I only managed to get the twigs I wanted to put in the vase by the door. Hope it works out. Am not really convinced it will look great there.

Today I’m off to Game to get mirror , canvas paintings, huge vase and bedroom lamps. I do want a bin but the price na wa oh.  Not sure what time I should go. Going now will be fine but the car does get really hot with the staff inside the car the whole day don’t want any issues so will go in the afternoon. But will need to avoid Ajose traffic which builds up by three and there’s no way I can take the short cut because of the mirror. That’s the other thing do I get them to deliver it or I get it myself. Umm think will get them to deliver it will be so much easier hope it’s still 1,500naira about usd 10 for delivery.



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