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I`m not even sure why I`m feeling guilty guess that’s what growing up does hey. Is guilty even the correct way to explain how I feel im not sure. All I know I had said no to impulse buying and now have spent nearly the last cent I have. Yes I had planned on getting continental pillows someday and wasnt sure whether someday was today. I had promised to make the pillow cases but reality is I would have made them when? When I had bought the sewing machine what a joke.

Let me start with how it all went. Yesterday on my way home I drove home DH wasn`t feeling so well. So I stopped by this shop that sells bar stools really close to where we stay and asked how much the stools were and guess what 12k that’s about 80usd this is the lowest price of them all. So I decided would get those and use make cushions from some of the pillows I have since I will have more than what I need after buying the continental pillows this was just an idea not even sure if it was going to work. i knew that I wasnt going to get the stools by Game.

This afternoon I went to get travel insurance. Boy was I glad it was only about usd30 per person. It so close to the Palm Mall. You guessed it where Game is located. I said to myself I`m going there to see if they now have the stools – just to look at them because 1. didn’t have enough cash to buy them 2. had already decided not to by them and get these way less expensive ones lol. I could have easily called the guy from game but decided haba I’m already close to the mall so why not and i might get to by KFC. ahh yes KFC is now at Palms though yesterday they were open but not to the general public they had a guest list imagine at KFC. this be 9ja for real.

Got to Game they didn’t have the stools and that cutie pie was gone. So I picked up the following

  • floor tiles for $3.40 per square metre. I forgot to measure the area as I had promised so guessed about 6 square meters in total.
  • paint remover, brush and scarpper.I hadnt planned on the last two but the instructions said i needed a brush and scraper in total  $25
  • serviette holder lol coz I thought it was neat and cheap had seen it yesterday but left it for $6
  • 2 continental pillows + the pillow cases $37 the pillow cases were expensive
  • dish rack $10 – I want to use it for the yam. it’s the only fruit & veg I don’t put into the fridge and I have more counter space than floor space now. I had one that i was using before a vegetable rack of some sort but its white and really dirty been in DH apartment since forever and yes i plan on replacing everything lol. Not really but at the rate I`m going don’t think so.

Officially I`m broke now and that`s why i was feeling guilty because I know will tend to DH to bail me out yet I`m suppose to stick to a budget right and prioritize lol me ke (inini chaiye/ Me???).

And what a long list it is for just Friday to Sunday I’m in trouble and DH has promised to help yipi.

  1. Download Rihanna albums, & burn to CD ( have been meaning to get new songs and when I switched on the tv today she was the guest star
  2. look for iPod – have no idea where it is could really save me from doing the second part of 1 especially since I have to look for the CDs somewhere in this house
  3. clean the dressing room/ running room. Full of draws, plates etc
  4. get the old cabinet to the new position onto of the wardrobe (needs to be painted will do that someday)
  5. Tidy up and sort out shoe room. guess mainly my shoes
  6. go see dreamfurnitures in Ikeja ( favourite chore – window shopping hopefully buy the sofa for the bedroom)
  7. Get stools hi hi hi
  8. remove paint from kitchen floor
  9. Clean kitchen cabinets and organise kitchen
  10. do continental pillow cases – see I didn’t want to do this in the first place but the pillow cases are way too big for the pillows meaning the pillows are not continental by SA standards since the pillow cases are from SA.
  11. Hotel bookings and print all requirements
  12. Clean living room and bedroom
  13. finalize cairo budget
  14. Do Zim project designs
  15. Rest
  16. Do DH 🙂 have to pencil it in
  17. Clean mirror
  18. Install kitchen accessories
  19. Do time sheet and invoice
  20. Fix TV cable – actually get Tayo (dstv guy) to do it
  21. do laundry

Had to stop here a day only has 24hours even if I did buy some red bull to give me wings.

ps have you checked out that I have started to use tags


My younger brother Owen said something that made sense to me and guess it’s really is a good idea. I have now fully embraced it and I’m game. So heres the plan. I will buy a stand and built a house. Well his idea was buy a core house but for me a core house wont make sense I want something that will enable to have at least two self-contained apartments. So I thought why buy a core house and then demolish it. Better to get a stand piece of land and build and will build to my specifications.

These are the basics I need from the place

  • 3 self-contained apartments with
  • 3 bathrooms
  • I kitchen average size
  • 2 kitchenette
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 livingroom

The idea is 1 big place for a family know they will pay in good rent especially for

  • 2 bedrooms,
  • separate bathroom and loo,
  • full size kitchen
  • livingroom

a studio apartment

  • 1 big room for livingroom/sleeping/dinning
  • one bathroom & loo
  • kitchenette

One bedroom apartment

  • bedroom
  • livingroom
  • small kitchen
  • bathroom

This should be constructed such that

  • plumbing is on one line will minimise costs
  • connecting rooms which later on can be connected to enlarge the one bed or two bedroom the one to two or the two to three

I’m really hoping I would use at least $15k for everything and would be able to get enough income for it to cover at least the Zim food expenses. provide Alvin with a free rent accommodation that getting him off mama`s back.

I have been a busy girl today. I wasn`t feeling to great have a some what may flu like symptoms and my office was really cold so decided tp go to Egypt air just to check out their promos for the hotels etc. she seemed so efficient and has it all together but guess what hell no. She sent me information on Luxor cruises seriously. replied her and still no email from her. Also went to Egypt embassy and got the application forms which reminds me they want travel insurance ahh brother. Dont even know where to start with that one. Pissing thing is I was planning on going there tomorrow. So guess it will have to Monday since Friday is a public holiday.

On my way from there I decided to pass through Game hi hi hi. Pass through as in i drove twenty minutes in the opposite direction. The short cut was good to me though because no traffic to and from. I wanted to check out my stools before the sale date tomorrow but apparently they don’t have them yet. Can you handle.

So started wondering around and I meet this cutie with a sold out sign and a price tag of N180, 000 ($1200) they are honestly crazy but so worth it. Only managed to get one foto before my fone went off no battery

Cute no wonder she was sold out but the price tag is a killer. Maybe I  should get my carpenter to make one. Cheape cheape lol

OMG remember when I talked about getting stools here. The delivery guy didnt give me a quotation as i asked but just tuned the volume will be more by about three times. Didnt bother replying him. I then saw an advert on FB (facebook) about a furniture shop and their prices seem ok. I already called them and decided will go there on Friday ( its public holiday here) to check them out and look at stools.

Dont worry I`m getting to the OMG item. So while I was getting out the weekly specials at Game – guess you know its my one stop shop and fav here in lagos. I saw my stools the steals and on sale. I have gone there a couple of times and they never had them and today they be on sale. Good things happen to those who praise His name. Amen. And just in time as well. BB (breakfast bar) done last weekend, got some extra cash YIPI

the price is about £100 which is ok by me since I wont worry about them being faulty as read in some of the reviews and also the delivery people scared me in terms of pricing times three. Their loss:-)

I also saw these. remember i talked about them earlier on for thewashing machine area. These are about 3usd per pack and I`m sure will need two at most. Will measure tonight. Yes please more shopping for me.

nyt nyt

He he he. I seem to be on a roll here. First bathroom hack I saw these bathroom mat and knew it will be idle to put in front of the fridge. I got a set yesterday and today I got another one. Will ask a tailor who stays opposite my house to stitch them since I don’t have a sewing machine yet. YET being the key word. I remember my colleague telling me that they are around 100usd. Will definitely get one in the near future especially for my curtains and cushions. Maihwe zvangu mudzimai wanhasi ( Ohh my God Todays woman – more like modern woman).

I needed this to protect the area in front of the fridge. I moved the fridge it was here before. See the stains. DH said lets wash the carpet asked him if he is willing to do so – No and I`m not and easier for me to cover it up. Therefore a new set was bought today. I need to come up with a nice design for it though.

Now let me enjoy my daily blogs while i wait for DH. He had to go to Multi choice. Was too crowded when I got there.

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