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Our Wedding portraits

Posted on: January 27, 2010

The time is finally here for us to put up the wedding portraits. Nearly two years after the wedding. Yes yes I know. It was a difficult journey getting to this point. Taku knows the story and I will tell it some day. Planning to get them printed tomorrow. Could actually print them myself but I  can’t find photo paper.  Hope will remember to check at Game tomorrow. Going there to pick up my mirror. Maybe I should have them deliver it in case it breaks on the way yes will pay for delivery and my mirror is safe and will have man power to carry it up stairs. Hope they come on time so that I can get help to put it up.

Have to decide which pictures I want to put up. It’s amazing that these days before I do anything I have to Google. How did I ever and can I ever possibly survive without Google?

I got these hey and they got me thinking. That instead of the mirror I do something like this.

Saw this as well it`s adorable. I just love the wall paint. Wonder what it is. Too late now I`m not changing mine.

Will definately do this for your daughter. Need to give her a name abeg.

Went through a couple of photos from the wedding and picked out a couple I want to try for the living room. I only have about three 8 by 10” that I want to put on the wall besides the front door. Praying they won’t fall. Initially had thought of wall art but I need to cut down on my expenses. So will put up the mirror and about two or three of these.

Unity candle - lets keep the fire burning baby

laughter is the best medicine

I love this one


not too sure

Which one do you think its best?


2 Responses to "Our Wedding portraits"

they are all beautiful but i guess awesome is juss it. I remember that day very well, I’v heard women cry when they are happy, juss couldnt hold back my tears, was jus thinking of the goodness of God. Am always telling myself that if my sista Enipher gets married i wil sing that song that ana mama nana mai nothi sang- ndinokudza kristu, ndinovimba naye, ndinomuti muponisi makandinunura. For real vakanunurwa, u could hv done somethin chisinga dadise but hey, God is soo Good. TAke care and be blessed

they are all grt. had 4gotten hw beautiful u luked on the day. 4 the wall tho i vote for the Unity Candle,and any other that u will choose my dear but df the unity candle and dat note dat u wrote at the bottom of dat pic. ko wht abt the pic yekiss nhai sisi Nellie cant u put dat?

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