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my kitchen walls are blood red

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Omg my kitchen walls are red and I hate them with a passion. I had one of my blond moments when I went to buy the paint and now its going to cost me. I had chosen a nice light pinkish color but when i was buying the paint I had one of those im not a pink girl drama queen moments and choose this red color. and I hate it.

i really do hope when the cabinets are in it would look ok. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of ways I can change that color without costing me more.  So all my ideas went down the drain so guess now i have to spend. I’m thinking of buying a local eggshell and mixing it this red guess will get an orange or at least a lighter red color coz this one is damn ugly. What colour should i paint this door. The brown aint really doing in this striking kitchen.

All my colours are wrong they aint as what they seem to be on the color palettes. I shouldnt have been a cheap stake should have just bought the color samples and save me the hassle. The gray i wanted it’s too light more like an ugly white. So im going to by a darker shade of the grey one and have them mix it up hopefully will become a bit darker for the sharp contrast I wanted.

Heres part of the house they have painted so far

I love the new color though it needs a second coat. The walls were badly done and really needs a second coat hopefully it will cover them up well well. the second photo shows a really nice contrast between the new beige and the old green really nice hey but I hate that green wall. So dirty you can’t even clean it up its gets worse than better.

this is neat hey and i have frames that I’m going to put on those pillars Yipi. hope it wont look too over done. The doors are gong to be painted. The door frames have been painted the colour is too light  hey.


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