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OMG – saturdays post

Posted on: January 25, 2010

Issh my kitchen and house revamp my very own clean house is underway. I have pictures of the current state of the kitchen & house. The ceiling has been painted. Could have been having a fully painted house but alas I didn’t want to get their paint so I went to get the paint and the paint store was closed. Saw a notice outside their office wasn’t amused so my progress has been halted n she is leaving on saturday for one trip an dthere no way i will wait till she gets back.  Should I wait till she comes back or run away from work during the week or leave her here by herself in my house. What to do?

I`m also watching a horror movie well actually Yemi is. He was sayn he is hungry but doesn’t seem too keen on going out to get food guess I have to drag him to go get. There’s no way I can make supper now. Guess he is hungry I spoke too soon coz just heard baby I’m ready when you are. Will drag him to the island I think for some chinese yes pliz or maybe to that nigerian place close to my office ya maybe that place.

Gees have a nasty headache

Fotos tomorrow will be home alone the whole day.

Which reminds me just saw Toyin downstairs coming from baby shopping ohh wow she is so into it hey and it hit baby is the ultimate project!!!

Food for thought think Yemi is scared!!! He aasked since when do u talk about babies hi hi hi and he sure knows once i have set my mind on something i do anything to get it. but the question is am i ready for a baby? lol

the pictureis from my dinning area and it was a mess so moved the staff into the other rooms. I would want to say im organised but if i have to do the work myself im not at all. What a shame really.

this is the sneak preview of the kitchen floor. hope will love it tomorrow when they clean it all up.


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