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i hate my kitchen floor – sundays post

Posted on: January 25, 2010

so today i woke up feeling have energic and eager to get ready for tuesday painting. so moved all the kitchen staff into the pother two bedrooms and thats when i realised i need to make space for my trademil. It`s to leave my bedroom and its so gone into the other bedroom. i cant believe it was taking uo so much space in the bedroom. that bedroom is huge which means i have enough space for a princess chair and a small table. though right now i just want to concentrate on the sofa.

afte texting back and forth with Shade she sent someone over to clean the kitchen. i was so excited till the guy finished. i have never seen such poor workmenship. Shade is definately local and has no eye for little details and im so pissed. I really have a good mind to ask her to redo it. the guy wasnt following any logic he just laid them like he was being forced and yet im paying for the services. told shade and she gave me a reason which i decided to ignore she aint serious.

i also saw that the ceiling wasnt properly painted the guy was just running the brush well tomorrow they will hear me. they will have to do a great job even if it kills them.

i have to go

xo xo


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